Things Every New Gun Owner Should Know

4 Things Every New Gun Owner Should Know But Probably Doesn’t

If you are among the growing number of people who are choosing to own a firearm for the first time, then you are probably aware of basic safety rules and gun etiquette. However, these four things that every new gun owner should know are overlooked.

1. Gun Laws Vary

When you buy a gun for the first time, you generally have to learn the rules of your locality. However, you may not realize that these laws may not be the same in other places. It is your responsibility to learn the laws for every place where you might take your firearm to ensure compliance.

2. Your Gun Is The Last Resort For Protection

Hollywood portrayals of using guns for self-defense often leave new gun owners feeling more protected than they really are. Don’t fall victim to this mentality. In reality, your gun is a last resort for protection when you cannot get out of a dangerous situation.

3. Both Guns & Ammo Should Be Stored Safely

You probably know that you need to keep guns safely secured when they are not being used. However, you may not know that the same rule applies to ammunition. Look into options for proper ammunition storage Canada that will keep it safely locked away from your firearms. This simple step can help prevent a potentially serious accident.

4. Most Range Advice Should Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt

You will undoubtedly get tons of advice from fellow shooters at the range when you go to practice (and you should practice regularly). However, be careful about what advice you take to heart. Many people overstate their qualifications and experience levels, and it could have serious consequences. If you need advice, it’s a good idea to take a class with a certified instructor in your area.

As a new gun owner,r you should be aware of certain things, such as how to safely store ammunition and when it is appropriate to use your firearm for protection.

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