How To Apply The Correct Shade Of Eyeshadow

How To Apply The Correct Shade Of Eyeshadow

To achieve the right eye makeup look, use the correct color shades. For example, if you’re using a dark eyeshadow, apply it as a triangle, taking up the more extensive section of the lid. Begin the triangle at the center of the upper lash-line, then run along to the outer corner. Then, begin the other side of the triangle, starting at the outer corner and sweeping across the lid to the center.

Using Neutrals

To create a classic look without attracting too much attention, you should know how to apply neutral eye shadow palettes. A neutral eyeshadow look can be effortless and incorporates several warm shades of eyeshadow in both matte and shimmery finishes. This look is a good choice for everyday wear and formal events. In addition, you can experiment with different colors for your eyes to add drama and color.

The first thing to do when applying eyeshadow is to choose a neutral base. Choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone and use the second shade. Makeup artist Anna Lingis recommends that you apply your neutral eyeshadow shade from light to dark to give yourself more control in blending. Next, mix the eyeshadow shade using small circular motions. Avoid overdoing it by combining too much.

Complimentary Colors

If you want to create a striking look with eyeshadow, try using complementary colors. Complementary colors are the opposites on the color wheel. For example, red and blue are opposites. Blue and green are opposites, and yellow and green are opposites. Blue and green are opposites as well. Red and orange are opposites, as are blue and violet. But you can choose any color as your complimentary eyeshadow.

A purple eyeshadow may look brown on you if your eyes are blue. But don’t worry, this is because the two complementary colors, yellow and purple, cancel each other out. When combined, these colors create brown. However, a purple eyeshadow will look even darker if you have a yellow undertone. The trick to making a complementary eyeshadow look great on your skin is to choose a deep pigmented purple.

Blending Eyeshadow

If you are trying to create a smokey look, blending eyeshadow with a darker shade is crucial. Darker eyeshadow should be applied lower than you want because when combined, it travels further. Using the correct brush for this purpose will help you achieve the right look.

Hold the brush at a 90-degree angle to your face. This will ensure that you apply eyeshadow as accurately as possible. Holding the brush parallel to the face will cause it to blend too high. Instead, use the tip of the brush to integrate across the crease. This tip is the fluffiest part of the brush. Once you’ve blended the color, mix it across the crease to create a smoother, more even look.

Creating A Multidimensional Eye Makeup Look

Using the correct shades of eyeshadow to create a kaleidoscope-like look can make your eyes look more intense and vibrant. One example of achieving this effect is by using shades of blue, with lighter ones to highlight the eyes’ lightness and darker ones to accentuate the depth. The Eyeshadow Palette contains several shades of purple, ranging from light almost-pink to smokey, deep aubergine. In addition, the palette’s matte colors are easy to blend and are rich and pigmented, making it ideal for this look.

A middle-tone shade is a good choice for a dimensional look. Apply it over your eyelid using a stiff, flat brush, focusing on the center of your eye. If you want to intensify the face, you can apply a darker shade to the crease area and then use a highlighter on the outer corners of the eye. Once you have finished applying the crease shade, you can apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

Using Three Shades Of Eyeshadow

The best way to apply eye shadow is to use three colors. Then, you can skip the upper highlight shade and the dark shade in the crease. You can easily create a multidimensional eye makeup look by combining three shades. By using three different colors, you can even use four shades for a special effect, such as adding a bit of extra color to the outer corners of your eyes.

First, apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow over the entire lid, from brow bone to crease. Next, use the medium color on top of the first one. Lastly, apply the darkest shade of eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Once your eyes are finished, you can blend the three colors. When using three eyeshadow shades, always remember to apply them evenly and with the correct shade.

Using Neutrals For Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, using makeup on them is an excellent way to hide their appearance. These eyes tend to hide eyeshadow very well and can even smudge or disappear entirely. However, this doesn’t mean you must give up your favorite eye makeup look! You can create several different looks with a bit of practice and patience.

Apply eyeshadow in a light color. Apply the lightest shade across your lid and to the inner corners of your eye. You can also apply it around your tear duct and brow bone. Highlighter can be used on top of the hood to draw attention away from the hooded eyes. These tips will help you achieve a smoky eye without overdoing the look.

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