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HyperGH 14X Reviews: The Best HGH Boosters?

Who doesn’t want to look young throughout? Of course, you must be wondering about synthetic anti-aging injections. But no, there’s a natural and healthy alternative. Yes, you read it right. There’s HyperGH 14X that enhances the productivity of natural growth hormones in the body to delay aging and bring youthfulness.   

Do you remember the case when Blessing Okagbare tested positive for consuming synthetic growth hormones? That incident happened during the Tokyo Olympics. It led to the biggest revelations of the sports industry. Do you know this hormone is also termed “The Fountain of Youth” and the way it benefits sportspersons and even Hollywood actors? There are many drawbacks it offers, including legacy, high cost, and side effects. It is when growth hormone boosters like HyperGH 14X come into the picture. Let’s know all.   

What Is HyperGH 14X   

HyperGH 14X is an all-natural supplement that helps to boost the body’s organic production of HGH. Being a far better alternative for HGH injections, it enhances the sleep cycle, weight loss, fastens healing abilities of the body, anti-aging, and increases muscle mass.   

HyperGH is simply a growth hormone booster that is used by numerous people in the sports and entertainment industry. It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health which claims that its product makes its consumers experience a miraculous boost in their hormone and energy level. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, and 14X in the name refers to 14 times better hormone production than usual.    

It is a 100% better substitute for synthetic growth hormone injections as it involves no risk of doing illegal and dealing with shady drug dealers. Despite this, HyperGH 14X is all-natural and more affordable.  

How Does HyperGH 14X Works?   

The manufacturers of HyperGH 14X claim to act by stimulating the pituitary gland present in your brain. In turn, the gland secretes more HGH. HGH is a human growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that is responsible for the natural growth of the body. Thus, it works using HGH precursors and ingredients to stimulate the body’s own natural production of growth hormones because HyperGH 14X itself lacks any manmade HGH.   

Claims Of HyperGH 14X   

Leading Edge Health claims that their manufactured product, HyperGH 14X, offers numerous benefits. It promotes a natural increase in the level of HGH along with other anti-aging properties like better skin tone and rid of wrinkles. HyperGH 14X is also known to increase muscle growth and muscle tone, making sexual health better. It helps remove excess body fat. It boosts energy and endurance and reduces fatigue and lethargy. It enhances overall athletic performance. It is a legal way far better than artificial HGH syringes.   

Ingredients In HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X consists of 15 HGH precursors that act as HGH boosters. The ingredients include amino acids and many herbs. Amino acids are proven to boost GH levels by almost 500%. It consists of diverse varieties of amino acids like:

520mg of L-Arginine   

It signals the pituitary to increase GH synthesis and production. A study reveals that it can increase GH production by 3 times, mainly in middle-aged men. It is also a precursor to Nitric Oxide that helps cure heart diseases, and helps in muscle gain.  

460mg of L-Glutamine   

It speeds up metabolism, fat burn, and boots immunity system. Glutamine prevents muscle loss and offers many other relevant benefits.  

400mg of L-Lysine  

It is considered good for skin and bones and boosts testosterone secretion in the body 

400mg of L-Ornithine   

It frees up IGF-1 hence increasing growth hormone levels in the body.  

400mg of L-Tyrosine   

Tyrosine builds protein and increases muscle mass.   

160mg of L-Valine   

Valine is known to repair muscle tissue and for improving the nitrogen balance of the body.  


It consists of so many herbs that have the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland for secreting growth hormones.  

320mg of Tribulus Terrestris Extract   

This extract treats male fertility, infertility, and osteoporosis. It stimulates the secretion of testosterone in the body and, in turn, boosts libido and cures impotency.  

240mg of Astragalus Root Extract   

It is a kind of adaptogenic herb that helps prevent mental stress and anxiety. Additionally, it boosts energy, endurance, and immunity and keeps the liver safe from toxins.  

200mg of Deer Antler Velvet   

It can uplift hormone levels by 200%. It is abundant in glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. All these components make the body flexible and rigid to recover and repair fast.  

200mg of GABA   

GABA reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It is involved with good sleep and boosts GH pulses by 66% during deep sleep.   

120mg of Anterior Pituitary Powder   

The powder minimizes the effects of aging and improves muscle tone.  

100mg of Phosphatidyl Choline   

It improves mental focus, memory retention, and liver functioning. It can also cure Alzheimer’s disease.  

Price Of HyperGH 14X   

HyperGH 14X costs $69.95 for a monthly supply. It’s a silver package. A six-month supply costs $349.95. It is advised by the HyperGH 14X manufacturers to intake it regularly for a minimum of five to six months. The shipping is free worldwide.   

If you compare the prices, you will notice that manufacturers offer great discounts on bulk packaging, so it’s better to go for a long five-to-six-month supply of HyperGH 14X. It will save you a lot.  

Benefits Of HyperGH 14X  

There are numerous advantages that HyperGH 14X offers. It slows down the aging process and makes one look young. It accelerates weight loss by speeding up metabolism. Mass gain and muscle gain can be easily achieved with its consumption. It makes its consumers mentally alert and enhances their sexual drive.   

While HGH injections are risky and illegal to use, and their potential can only match up to professional bodybuilders’ level, HyperGH 14X is suitable for almost everyone. Let’s learn all the benefits of the supplement:

Increases Lean Muscle Mass   

HyperGH 14X influences protein synthesis, blood circulation, and cell growth in the body. This all impacts the rate at which the body builds lean muscle mass.  

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery After Intense Physical Workouts   

Its consumption increases the muscle cell’s uptake of branched-chain amino acids that aids muscles to recover fast. It also helps muscle cells to absorb glucose, in turn reducing fat mass and increasing insulin sensitivity.   

Reduces The Fat Accumulation In The Body   

It accelerates the metabolic rate and breakdown of food in the body resulting in fat loss and muscle gain.  

Improves Insulin Sensitivity In The Body   

HyperGH 14X stabilizes the sugar levels in the body, preventing diabetes, fat gain, and insulin sensitivity.  

Increases Muscle Mass & Gain   

It stimulates the secretion of cartilage cells or chondrocytes in the body that join together to form cartilage and then finally form tissues. So, in this way, it leads to denser and healthier bones. HyperGH 14X also strengthens the body   

Boosts Energy, Better Mood, & Lifestyle   

It fights fatigue, tiredness, stress, low motivation, and anxiety. It speeds up reaction time, neurovascular contractions, and relaxation in the body. It produces a sense of calmness and happiness in the mind.  

Improves The Overall Quality Of Life   

HyperGH 14X leads to better blood flow, strong and dense bones, fat loss and muscle gain, a healthy heart, a stress-free mind, and a better sleep schedule. All these factors constitute the quality of life.   

HyperGH 14X Reviews   

HyperGh 14X is a growth hormone booster that acts on the pituitary gland to favor the secretion of more natural growth hormones in the body. The more HGH your body produces, the younger you appear and feel. After the twenties, the growth hormone production decreases gradually. So, HyperGh 14X increases the natural production of HGH in the body, which improves its composition and makes one appear younger and more youthful.   

Many users believe that it stabilizes the secretion of growth hormones in the body that tend to decrease in the late twenties. Natural HGH boosters show nil side effects than artificial HGH injections and have healthy and organic ingredients. Some others stated that HyperGH 14X accelerates weight loss and muscle building leading to mental alertness.   

Some netizens reviewed it, mentioning that it increases sexual drive. Many like it as it follows a safe process of functioning and is better and safer than risky HGH injections. It has all-natural ingredients. Research proves that better sleep and certain herbal ingredients actually contribute to the increased synthesis of growth hormones in your body. It is described as the best supplement for people with low growth hormone levels in their bodies.   


HyperGH 14X is a great growth hormone booster supplement offering both kinds of physical as well as mental perks. It has all-natural ingredients, including various amino acids and herbs, making it healthier and safer despite taking growth hormone injections. It has no side effects because, unlike other supplements, it doesn’t replace your endogenous hormone with any exogenous chemical. You can buy a full long supply that comes at greatly discounted prices.    

There are many other ways to uplift the production of natural growth hormones in the body. It includes the usage of specific herbs and certain amino acids that are scientifically proven to offer great results in growth hormone secretion in the body. A good lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a proper sleep-wake cycle also favor the natural production of growth hormones in the body. All these ways have been scientifically proven and are very easy to incorporate into daily life.  

So, if you are looking for a product to revive your beauty and youthfulness, you can definitely give HyperGH 14X a try.    

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