Identifying How Personal Development Can Support Career Growth

Identifying How Personal Development Can Support Career Growth

You may have career growth goals already set in your sights. Or, you may be deciding just what you want to achieve and why. Whatever position you currently find yourself in, it is useful to focus on personal development as much as possible. When you focus on improving yourself as thoroughly as possible, you build resilience, and you build confidence. Of course, both areas are essential for career growth and development.

Seeing Where You Are At Now

Before jumping in at the deep end with this process, you need to take time out to reflect. Look at your career now, are you on the track you thought you would be, or have you taken a detour? If you are lagging, you will have some catching up to do, and this will require even more commitment on your part. So, first things first – slow down and establish your true starting point. Are you in a position that you have been in for several years? Are you stuck or stagnant?

Looking At What The Competition Is Doing

After taking a good look at yourself, and at your position, you must then look at what those around you are doing. No matter what industry or sector you are in, you are always going to have competition. Understanding what they are doing and seeing what they are offering is important. When you can see what the competition is, and who they are, you can then assess your strengths and weaknesses, and again start working on progression accordingly.

What Has Worked & Failed In The Past

An important part of personal development is realising that reflection is just as important as planning. When you are undergoing a period of reflection, you must see what you have done in the past that has worked, and, of course, what has failed. For example, have you tried to push for too much at once and had a setback as a result? Or, have you not committed yourself enough to your role, and to those you are working with? When you undergo a period of reflection, you will always see that there is room to change and grow.

Focusing On Raising Your Knowledge & Awareness

To achieve the career growth that you want, and that you deserve, you need to focus on raising your awareness and knowledge. One of the ways in which you can do this is by attending college or University. Attending college can allow you to further your education and secure the growth you want. The more research you can do on colleges and universities, then the more prepared you can be. For instance, the UNC college chances calculator at CampusReel will give you information and help you see what programs and providers will be right for you, and suitable for your future.

Aligning Goals & Aims 

Focusing on personal growth and focusing on career growth can sound all-consuming. To ensure that it is not, you must begin to focus on goals and aims. Ensuring that you can align personal and professional goals and aims (where possible) is important for your role, your future, and your wellbeing. Setting a few manageable and realistic aims and goals is important. Remaining focused and targeted will help you achieve your short-term goals and long-term aims.

Creating A Strategy For The Future

You need to see your career growth just the same as a business owner sees business growth. To get the best results possible, you need to have a strategy that you can work to (and follow). Without a strategy, you may well find that your efforts get diverted, or that you end up procrastinating. When you are creating a strategy for the future, you need to focus on short-term plans and long-term plans in equal measure. For instance, what are you setting out to achieve within the next 12 months, and what are you hoping to achieve in the next 5 years? Having a strategy for career growth, and personal development will help you achieve success.

Being Prepared To Invest In Yourself & Others

Even though you are focusing your time and efforts on growing your career, it does not mean that you should ignore what is going on around you. For example, be aware of what others are trying to achieve and help them where you can. Support those around you, and aid those trying to reach their career goals. The support that you give to others will often be repaired many times over. So, remember that career growth can be made easier when joint effort and collaboration are utilised. Reaching out to others at networking events, making use of contacts, or just providing support could be what you need to do to show your investment to others, and yourself.

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