Megapersonal Dating App

Megapersonal Dating App Review

Do you feel lonely and jealous of your committed friends? Don’t worry. Let the professionals find the most suitable match for you. Are you tensed by the hefty amounts charged by online dating apps? Here’s presenting you a free-to-use dating app- the megapersonal dating app.   

Megapersonal dating app is a free-to-use online service to find your date. The professionals behind the platform find your most suitable match on the basis of common interests, beliefs, and ideologies that you share in your content posts. The app claims to be the most trusted one if you are looking for real-time dating and not just virtual ones. It’s very easy to use this app, install it, register yourself and chat with your crush.  

Installing Megapersonal Dating App  

Interested ones can install the application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Open any of the two, search for the application, install it and then open it.   

Then you have to register with the app. Fortunately, registration at the Megapersonal dating app is free of cost. Use either Facebook or email credentials to sign up.   

Create your account, post your photos, and add personal information so that other single members can communicate with you.   

Mega Personal dating app allows their male members to send unlimited messages to the female members they like. The first message is confined to being shared by males only. Also, it depends on females whether to like the message or give it a pass to avoid getting unwanted texts. If both of them like each other, it is termed as “mutual like,” and then they can text or probably meet each other in real life.   

Features Of Mega Personal Dating App  

Megapersonal dating app claims to be a free-to-use app. It has about millions of people connected with its platform. In fact, the professionals behind the app promise to find the best-suited match for you. It is considered as a perfect choice for those who believe in want and want to meet each other in real life. Megapersonal dating app has various features:

  • You can register here for free as it claims to be 100%. You don’t need to pay a single penny to text or chat with anyone.  
  • It has millions of singles looking for their perfect match. Their profiles have ample information about them that makes it easy for you to acknowledge the best one for yourself.  
  • You can access other singles’ posts, photos, profiles, and status updates to match your common interests.  
  • Mega Personal dating app permits you to send messages, share photos and video call each other.  
  • The most attractive aspect of the platform is that it takes care of real-life meetings of its users. For this, it sends its team members to your home or workplace to figure out more about your real life. Then it looks out for your perfect match considering your personality and requisites. It keeps your identity unrevealed and only shares your contact details once it has analyzed and found your perfect date.  
  • It saves you from the hassle of browsing through, scrolling down, and finding someone. Because you only have to register yourself and then wait for its professionals to work for you.  
  • The platform focuses on an easy and simplified interface and is safe to use.  
  • No membership is required to use it and find your perfect match.  
  • It is an ad-free platform, so your scrolling won’t be interrupted by undesirable pop-ups.  
  • Megapersonal is quite compatible with all devices and especially your handy mobile phones.  
  • The user profiles here are affirmed by the professionals of the platform and are guaranteed to be real.  
  • Mega Personal dating app has two membership plans- Basic one that is free of cost but has access to limited people’s profiles, whereas the other and the Advanced one charges money and gives you access to unlimited singles’ profiles and additional chatroom options like video calls, webcam, etc.  
  • It has an additional “Happy meter” feature where you can rate your date. If you both rate the maximum, it helps unlock exclusive features like search filters and full compatibility matching.   

Loopholes Discovered In Megapersonal Dating App  

Everyone needs good company to live with and to share their hearts with, without any insecurity or fear of getting any judgments. Among many others, the Megapersonal dating app is another newly launched option. It seems attractive because of certain cool features like 100% free, no membership required, and millions of singles’ profiles. It claims to be free, but there are many options that you can’t use without buying its Advanced plan, so its claims are not very genuine. How can they claim to be fully free when you can’t access all the profiles created there and can’t even use features like video calls or chatroom.  

Other than this, it guarantees the safety and authenticity of created profiles. But many users revealed that their fake profiles were made with real photos by unacquainted ones. So, it also raises the question on what Mega Personal dating app assures its users.  

Many users face problems in the functioning of the app as they get blocked automatically even without hampering any guidelines of the platform. Some felt a problem logging in again with their existing accounts.  

The platform has received mixed reviews so far. It has succeeded in attracting the single youth as it has attained over millions of single users, but it has failed to maintain the expectations of many of its users.   


Megapersonal Dating App has many options that are free of cost, but it is definitely not 100% free as it claims. It has cool features like a happy meter, mutual likes, and real-life dating. The members keeping an eye on you and finding the best match for you is a little tricky to believe, but after all, this is what seems amazing to most of its users. Also, at least it is quicker and cooler than sitting in a bar and waiting for your love story to blossom.   

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