reviews Reviews: Is It A Safe Place To Shop Or A Potential Scam?, also known as Merrycoco, has recently gained attention as an online store offering a variety of clothing. While the allure of enticing discounts might attract potential shoppers, a closer inspection uncovers essential factors for consideration. Our reviews will address concerns related to ownership, the lack of customer support, and inadequate security measures. As we delve into these aspects, it will become evident whether it is safe to shop from this website. Shall we proceed? Get The Facts, or Merrycoco for short, is an e-commerce platform specializing in a wide range of clothing options, such as two-piece dresses, maxi dresses, and mini dresses. Despite the alluring discounts currently being advertised, our examination has uncovered certain shortcomings that call for careful consideration.

Key Considerations For Shopping On Merrycoco:

  1. Ownership Raises Concerns: Merrycoco is under the ownership and operation of FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, a company with a dubious online standing. Despite claiming to be located in the UK, registering a company at the UK Companies House is relatively easy and doesn’t guarantee trustworthiness. In reality, FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED is not based in England, and many products originate from China.
  2. Customer Support is Nonexistent: fails to provide any email address or phone number for customer support. Customers have reported unsuccessful attempts to contact the customer service team due to the absence of available communication channels.
  3. Security Measures are Missing: The website lacks fundamental security features like McAfee or Norton, rendering it susceptible to potential hacker attacks that could compromise customers’ personal and financial information.

Safety With PayPal On Merrycoco

Using PayPal does not guarantee a swift refund in the case of a dispute. Some questionable stores exploit a loophole in PayPal’s system, creating challenges for users. It is advisable to exercise caution regardless of the payment method chosen.

Potential Scams When Shopping On

When shopping from Merrycoco, be prepared for potential scams that include:

  • Bait & Switch Scam: Customers may receive entirely different items concerning size, quality, or color from what they ordered.
  • Cheap Item Scam: Despite the promise of quality products, customers might receive low-quality or inferior items.
  • VIP Membership Scam: Users may be unknowingly enrolled in a VIP Membership Club, leading to unexplained charges.
  • Hacked Credit Card: There is a risk of unauthorized credit card charges or overcharging by the store.

How To Easily Spot A Scam Website

  • Check the Domain age: Investigate the age of the website to assess its credibility.
  • Verify the Physical Location: Confirm if the provided return address leads to a legitimate warehouse location.
  • Seek Customer Reviews: Search for genuine customer reviews of the store online.
  • Assess Social Media Presence: Confirm that the social media icons provided on the website lead to actual social media pages. Reviews: Scam Or Legit?

Based on the numerous customer complaints and the website’s shortcomings, it’s clear that is not a trustworthy or legitimate online store. The alluring discounts are often used to lower customers’ guard, but the ultimate outcome of orders is unsatisfactory.


According to Merrycocco reviews, the website is not recommended for online shopping. The store presents potential risks to customers, including the danger of hacked credit cards and overcharged fees. Additionally, customers may receive subpar or completely different items. We advise affected customers to contact their bank and request a new credit or debit card. If PayPal was used, it is important to document transactions for reference. While online shopping offers convenience, it is essential to consider the website’s age, return address, customer reviews, and the functionality of social media links to minimize risks.

Online shopping can be enjoyable and secure when following these precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a legitimate online store?

Merrycoco reviews have raised concerns about its authenticity, including delayed deliveries and potential identity theft risks. Exercise caution when considering shopping on this platform.

How does Merrycoco’s payment structure work?

It employs a questionable payment structure, with delayed payments and an unclear processing period. Actual payment may not be received by customers.

Why is Merrycoco’s recent website registration concerning?

The relatively recent registration of the site raises doubts about the platform’s trustworthiness, as fraudulent websites often use new domain names.

Exercise caution and prioritize your personal information and financial security when considering shopping from or similar platforms.

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