Review Reviews (2023) Is Mlokbox Legit Or Scam?

Are you running out of trendy clothes and want to update your wardrobe? Online shopping has become popular for people to purchase products and services without needing to leave their homes’ comfort. is a popular online store selling women’s shoes, kids’ items, accessories, single Kurtis, bed linen, Minaal products, lawn, khaddar, linen, velvet shawls, and party wear clothing.  Before you buy any clothing from the online store, it is vital to ensure that the website you’re using is legitimate and safe. We have created a genuine review, so you can decide whether to choose the platform for shopping or not. 

Let’s dive deep into the post and examine whether mlokbox is legit or a scam.  

What is  

The is a global online store aiming to provide affordable, high-quality products. It sources products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and offers a wide range of the following items:  

  • Linen Clothing  
  • Handbags  
  • Shoes  
  • Party Wear  
  • Velvet Shawls  
  • Khaddar Kurtis  

How Does Mlokbox Work?   

Mlokbox sells clothing at very cheap prices offering a 40% discount on a sales promo. has a trustworthy website outlook and accepts payments through PayPal.  

Pros Of Using  

  • Wide Range of Products: mlokbox offers a wide range of products on the website.  
  • Affordable Prices: The products available on are reasonably priced, and you can find great deals and discounts on the website.  
  • Easy to Use: The website is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate the different categories and products. Moreover, the checkout process is also straightforward.  
  • Free Shipping: offers free shipping on all orders, a significant advantage for customers.  
  • 30-day Replacement: You can replace the clothing on mlokbox within 30 days.  
  • Secure Payment Options: The website offers secure payment options, including PayPal, ensuring your personal and financial information is protected.  

Cons Of Using  

  • Reachability: Trustworthy stores have an online presence on social media to advertise their brand and connect to the audience. Most scam websites avoid social media presence because the fraud victim can easily expose them there. The absence of social media presence is a big red flag that mlokbox is a scam website.  
  • Reviews: Reliable e-commerce websites have mixed reviews on the website. When scanning mblokbox on ScamDoc, it returned a 2% trust score which is terrible.   
  • Copied Content: The content on mlokbox and the website template on is copied from other fraudulent stores.  

Is Mlokbox Store Legit? Read The Review

The mlokbox has gained attention recently, but concerns about its legitimacy exist. Multiple reviews of the website have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the products and the website itself.   

Many customers have reported receiving low-quality or counterfeit items vastly different from what was advertised on the website. Some customers also said they have yet to accept their orders or it took an unreasonably long to arrive.   

Furthermore, claims to offer a 30-day return policy, but the policy needs to clearly state the conditions for returns, such as whether customers are responsible for shipping costs or if there are any restocking fees. This lack of transparency raises further doubts about the legitimacy of the website.  


While claims to be a legitimate online store, customers have raised several red flags and concerns about its legitimacy. When we did our review we found out several issues with the website which might be a cause of concern for the website users. So, we advise to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before purchasing from this website. On a final note, is not a trustworthy online shopping store.  


What is is an online shopping platform that claims to offer a wide range of products at affordable prices.  

What kind of products are available on sells linen clothing, handbags, shoes, party wear, velvet shawls, khaddar kurtis, and many more products.  

Is a legit website?   

There is no conclusive evidence, but some red flags suggest it might not be a trustworthy platform. Read several reviews before making a buying decision. 

What is the return policy on offers a 30-day return policy, but some reports suggest returns are not honored or are challenging to complete.  

Are the prices on too reasonable to be true?   

Some customers have raised concerns about the low prices on While low prices can be appealing, it’s essential to be cautious when shopping on websites that offer significantly lower prices than other retailers.  

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