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Newprofilepicture com App (September 2022): Know All The Details!

Whenever a new app is launched, it gains all the attention, whether good or negative. Recently, a website and an app, Newprofilepicture com have been launched, and every social media platform from Twitter to Instagram sees discussions about it.   

Many doubt it to be nothing more than a scam; that’s why Facebook has warned all users to beware of using it because Newprofilepicture com is highly believed to catch and steal data. Numerous such rumors are spreading, so let’s dig into this new app.  

What Is Newprofilepicture com?  

Do you love changing your profile pictures? But why go with that usual method when you can creatively enhance your profile pictures? Yes, there’s a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to modify your profile picture.  

Newprofilepicture com, also the New Profile Picture app, is a newly-launched application developed by Informatics Laboratories inc. It’s the same company that concocts many resembling apps like Toonarts, etc.  

Newprofilepicture com converts users’ profile pictures to a brand-new cartoon format artwork using AI facial recognition. These created cartoon images can thus be shared on several social media platforms. It offers a new dimension and uplifts the way your profile picture looks.   

Though it’s called Newprofilepicture com mainly, its real name is New Profile Pic Picture Editor App. This is how you can search it on the Google Play store.   

Features Of Newprofilepicture com  

Many people use this app to create funny profile pictures to update further on various social media accounts. This has raised the app’s popularity on the web, and it already boasts many thousands of users. However, most people don’t know the science behind how their pictures are turned into cartoonist images. Scroll down to know how.  

When a user shares his image, his facial dimensions are sent to the company, which is registered in Moscow, Russia. AI technology is used to detect the main key points on the image of the face to finally create a new image version of it.   

The app can be downloaded onto your mobile phones, and it enables sending of data, including location and access to various social media images present on your feed.   

Newprofilepicture com is at the top position among other photos apps in Apple App Store and has been rated about 250,000 times on Google Play Store.  

Is Newprofilepicture com A Scam?  

In the Apple App Store in the United states, this app can be found by the name “NewProfilePic Picture Editor.” Informe Laboratories, Inc. developed it, and the website is also reregistered with Linerock Investments, which is located next to the Russian Ministry of Defense. So naturally, this is the major concern of cybersecurity experts.  

In fact, no linkage had been determined between the NewProfilePic Picture Editor and the Newprofilepicture com website.   

Jake Moore, the Global Cybersecurity Advisor, ESET Internet Security, told the Mail Online regarding how users must be careful while uploading photographs and personal data to any new website.   

Consequently, the netizens are sharing their experiences and concerns about the government’s fears and the Newprofilepicture com, and believing it to be a phishing scam.  

In case if you have downloaded the app on your phone, delete it now, and if you have already given it access to all your device data, better warn your bank and change your passwords. Multiple cases of users draining out of their bank accounts and shutting out of their accounts have been recorded so far.  

Some users also think that Newprofilepicture com, a Russian app, might consist of ransomware.   

In-Depth Overview Of Newprofilepicture com  

Newprofilepicture com is registered with Linerock Investments, which is a Moscow-based company in Russia.   

Users can search for this app by the name “New Profile Pic App” on Google Play Store. If you own an Apple gadget, search by NewProfilePic Picture Editor by visiting an Apple app store. This was developed by Informe Laboratories Inc. in the United states.   

However, it’s not yet found if the website and app are affiliated, as Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor, stated.  

If you search this Newprofilepicture com, you see it’s invalid; hence it doesn’t direct you to the original application. So, better search by typing New Profile Picture app.  

Many believe that this app grabs user information which when is further shared with the leading company in Moscow, Russia, which undoubtedly lies close to the Russian Ministry of Defense. That’s why users are restrained from using Newprofilepicture com.  

Response To Suspected Cyber Threat  

Global Cybersecurity Advisor Jake Moore said that he would look into the matter and interrogate every foreign app that needs this much of user data, especially the ones based outside the country and largely unheard about. Additionally, he told the Mail Online that this app might be a way of capturing users’ faces in high resolution.  

New Profile Pic Editor App’s spokesperson told the Mail Online that they are a BVI company that has development offices in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and that they don’t utilize user data in any way except those mentioned in their privacy policy.  

They also said that the users’ images are sent to Amazon servers to modify and apply the effects but aren’t shown to anybody and are even deleted after two weeks.  

Is Newprofilepicture com Legit?  

Facebook users are receiving warnings against a New Profile Pic App because it is believed by some experts to be scamming netizens, capturing their sensitive information, and hampering data security. In addition, it’s highly believed to be sharing and transferring all gathered data with the Russian government.   

Newprofilepicture com app is getting so hype much as it uses AI facial-sensing technology to let users modify the pictures they upload and create a brand-new image to be shared on social media.   

Many thousands of users are updating their profile pictures using this trendy app, but do they think what if their pictures and relevant information reach unsafe hands that they shouldn’t? That’s the major suspicion of web experts if Linerock Investments, a Moscow-based company registered with this app, is attaining all the data.  

The company’s data policy states, “We collect certain personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. We collect your name, email address, user name, social network information, and other information you provide when you register.”  

Some experts revealed that Newprofilepicture com sends people’s photographs and data straight to Kremlin or Linerock Investments, the company behind it, which is located next to the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is three miles outside Red Square. This raises massive doubt.  

The UK Cyber Helpline revealed the website’s trust score, which is only 14%.  

How To Protect Yourself  

Though all these rumors are only allegations, and it’s not clear whether New Profile Pic App is a scam or not, but you need to be safe, right?   

Whenever you install any app, read its privacy policy beforehand so that you don’t offer access to any of your personal information being naïve.   

Another thing is to build strong passwords for your device; better go for two-factor authentication or various biometric features.  

End Note  

Every newly-launched app is incorporated with some attractive and unique features so that it earns popularity and, in turn, ends up going viral. But these platforms often require access to user data and devices, which can easily let the app developers trick the users into some malicious activity. In fact, it poses a huge threat to users’ sensitive information and security data.   

The same is the case with Newprofilepicture com, as it is stated as a scam by a few cybersecurity experts, so they advise not to install or use it in any condition. If you already have it on your device, delete it after altering all your passwords.  

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