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Okaywear Reviews: Is Okaywear.com A Safe Place For Online Shopping?

Okaywear.com, as highlighted in the Okaywear reviews, has emerged as an online store that’s capturing the attention of many potential shoppers – though not necessarily in a positive light. Offering an extensive range of men’s clothing at prices that seem too good to be true, Okaywear has raised significant doubts about its legitimacy and overall safety. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why prospective customers should exercise caution when contemplating any transactions with this particular online store.

Suspicious Nature Of Okaywear.com: A Shopper’s Guide

Before you decide to make a purchase from an online store, it’s crucial to assess its authenticity and trustworthiness. Okaywear.com raises several red flags that shoppers should be aware of:

Associated with a Dubious Company: It is under the operation and ownership of Shenzhen Runbang E-Commerce Co., Ltd, a company with a questionable reputation in the online market. Numerous reviews and reports suggest that this company engages in bait-and-switch scams. In such cases, customers often receive entirely different and cheaper items than what they paid for.

Extended Delivery Times: Many people mistakenly believe that an online store claiming to be located in the UK is legitimate. However, registering a company in the UK is relatively easy and doesn’t guarantee that the company is genuinely based there. In the case of this website, products often ship from China, despite the UK-related claims.

Lack of Customer Assistance: It provides an email address, support@okaywear.com, which is non-functional. Additionally, the website lacks a provided phone number. Attempts to contact customer support have proven futile for many customers.

Absence from Social Media Platforms: Genuine online stores typically maintain an active presence on social media platforms to engage with their customers. However, Okaywear is conspicuously absent from all social media, raising doubts about its authenticity.

Unbelievably High Discounts: The platform tempts potential buyers with unbelievably low prices. The discounts offered seem too good to be true and are often unrealistic, even during a sale. This strategy is often used to lure unsuspecting customers. In reality, no legitimate store can sustain such deep discounts.

Shady Refund Policy: While Okaywear.com claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, there’s a significant catch. Customers are required to pay for return shipping costs, which can be exorbitant, negating the potential refund.

Why Avoid Okaywear.com? Investigating The Dubious Aspects

When you decide to shop from this platform, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. The online store operates in the following manner:

  1. After you make a purchase, it debits your account and sends a confirmation email along with tracking details.
  2. However, they often fail to send the purchased item. This is a common practice among fraudulent online stores. The provided tracking number is frequently fake.
  3. In some cases, customers receive counterfeit or subpar products. This scam is known as a bait-and-switch, where customers are sent cheaper items instead of the ones they ordered.

Is PayPal A Safe Payment Method For Okaywear Purchases?

While using PayPal may offer some level of security for online purchases, it’s not a foolproof solution. Some fraudulent stores exploit a loophole in PayPal’s system. Here’s how it works: you buy an item, and a few days later, the store provides a tracking number that shows delivery to your area, even though it’s unrelated to your actual order. PayPal often considers this a complete transaction, making it challenging to dispute.

Steps To Take If You’ve Already Made A Purchase

If you’ve already made a purchase from Okaywear.com and have concerns about its legitimacy, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Contact Your Bank: Contact your bank or financial institution without delay to cancel the transaction. Acting swiftly may lead to an immediate chargeback. In cases where the transaction has already gone through, initiate a dispute claim.
  2. Protect Your Credit Card Details: If you created an account or used the same password for other online accounts, take steps to protect your credit card information. This will help prevent hackers from unauthorizedly accessing your accounts and stealing personal information.

Okaywear Reviews: Is It A Scam?

Okaywear.com’s suspicious characteristics, including a fabricated business address, unbelievable discounts, a recent website registration, absence on social media, and more, strongly suggest that it is not a legitimate online store. In essence, Yes, Okaywear is a scam. The store fails to deliver quality products to customers and does not honor its refund policy. Moreover, when shopping on this ecommerce store, there’s a risk of credit card fraud, where unauthorized charges might occur.


Okaywear.com is a questionable online store luring customers with low-priced items. However, the exceptional discount offers should not trick you into making a purchase. After a comprehensive review, it is clear that the store does not pass the authenticity test, and we do not recommend it. It shares similarities with other dubious websites like Deleuza, Oraqui, Pititor, and Gracesunny, which have been scrutinized in the past.

With the surge in online shopping, safeguarding yourself from potential fraud is paramount. Here’s how to ensure a secure experience:

  • Confirm Domain’s History: Always check how long a website has been in operation. Older, established sites tend to be more reliable.
  • Scrutinize Location Details: Investigate the physical address of the online store. Legitimate ones readily share their location, while dubious sites may keep this hidden.
  • Seek Customer Feedback: Look for reviews and ratings from other shoppers. Genuine sites typically have a track record of customer feedback.
  • Check Social Media Presence: Trustworthy online stores typically maintain an active engagement on social media. Be wary if the store is absent from major social platforms.
  • Be Wary of Unrealistic Discounts: If discounts seem too good to be true, they likely are. Exercise caution when encountering overly generous deals.

By following these steps, you can protect your personal and financial information while shopping online and avoid potentially risky websites like Okaywear.com. Stay vigilant!


Is Okaywear.com a legitimate online store?

No, it appears to be a dubious online store with various red flags, such as associated with a questionable company, extended delivery times, a lack of customer support, absence from social media, unbelievably high discounts, and a problematic refund policy. It is advisable to avoid shopping on this website.

What happens when customers make purchases on Okaywear?

Customers who make purchases on this platform may encounter several issues. The store often debits the customer’s account, sends a confirmation email with tracking details, but fails to send the purchased item. In some cases, customers receive counterfeit or subpar products, which is a bait-and-switch scam.

Is PayPal a safe payment method for Okaywear purchases?

While PayPal can offer some level of security for online purchases, it is not foolproof. Some fraudulent stores exploit a loophole in PayPal’s system, making it challenging to dispute transactions. Customers should exercise caution even when using PayPal on suspicious websites like Okaywear.com.

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