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Pestie Pest Control Reviews (2023) Does Really Work?

Pestie, a standout in the world of pest control products. It makes big claims, offering natural solutions with cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint to tackle fleas and ticks. It’s catching the attention of people, so we’re here to unpack Pestie reviews. In this review article, our goal is to provide you with the inside scoop on whether Pestie truly lives up to its promises or not.


It distinguishes itself by providing all-natural sprays designed to combat fleas and ticks, meticulously composed of cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint. Under the ownership of Matt Roger, the product proudly touts a pro-grade pesticide concentrate as its principal active ingredient.

Exploring The Mechanism Behind Pestie

Pestie operates on a subscription-based model, providing a unique and comprehensive approach to pest control. It delivers four customized boxes each year, strategically designed to tackle pest issues that are specific to your geographical location. It’s essential to highlight that while Pestie’s coverage is extensive, it does not extend to addressing bedbugs and termites, making it imperative for users to be mindful of these exclusions when considering the effectiveness of the product for their particular pest management needs. Reviews

Intrigued by positive Pestie reviews from various sources, a user decided to give it a try. The first package arrived smoothly, but then the user encountered a few challenges. The spray didn’t reach the desired location, leading to an exacerbation of the bug problem, especially with an increased presence of spiders in the house. It was a bit frustrating that the spray didn’t effectively address the issue, and the house was left with more bugs than before. Consequently, even though the user started off hopeful, the experience didn’t quite meet the expectations, resulting in additional bug-related troubles on the hands.

Upsides & Downsides


Your first package will arrive on time.

Potential cost savings with subscription discounts.

Convenient automatic renewal for continuous service.

Customization options for tailored experiences.

Exclusive offers and promotions for subscribers.


  • Unanticipated automatic renewal of subscriptions.
  • Dissatisfaction with the abbreviated spray mechanism.
  • Ineffectiveness in quelling my pest predicament.
  • An exasperating customer service experience, coupled with an erroneous overcharge.

Essential Precautions Before Opting For

Even though it could work well for some people, the user encountered significant problems. Initially, the spray seemed effective, but things went wrong when they were charged $39 for something that should have cost $5. Canceling the subscription was also complicated due to conflicting instructions, making the whole experience frustrating.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, is a budget-friendly DIY pest control option that works well for common pests like ants and cockroaches. It’s best for folks dealing with small bug issues, but results can vary. Before you dive in, think about the good and not-so-good parts, especially when it comes to handling subscriptions and customer service. To wrap it up, while Pestie can be helpful for some, it’s smart to think carefully before deciding if it’s the right pest control choice for you.


What’s Pestie’s specialty?

It focuses on natural flea and tick sprays, utilizing cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint.

How does Pestie’s system operate?

It functions through a subscription model, delivering personalized pest control packages four times annually.

Are there specific pests Pestie doesn’t handle?

Bedbugs and termites are not covered by this pest control solutions.

How effective is Pestie according to users?

Effectiveness varies; some users find it effective for minor pest issues, while others encounter challenges.

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