Reset Smile Reviews

Reset Smile Reviews (2023) Is Worth The Investment?

A confident smile can transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem, but what do you do when missing teeth hold you back? If you’ve come across Reset Smile and its claim to offer an effective solution with teeth braces, you’re in the right place; Reset Smile reviews will explore whether investing in Reset’s teeth brace is a wise decision.

Reset Smile: A Closer Look

Reset Smile, as the name implies, is a provider of custom 3D fabricated tooth replacement devices. These devices are delivered directly to your doorstep, offering an affordable solution for missing teeth. Comparable to removable partial dentures, Resetsmile com device is non-invasive, flexible, and discreet. You can wear it with confidence while enjoying your meals without anyone noticing.

According to Reset Smile’s official website, their solution is an at-home, wallet-friendly alternative that dentists often recommend. It claims to help you regain your smile and improve your ability to chew without the need for dental implants or traditional metal dentures.

What Sets Reset Smile Apart

  1. Temporary Solution: These teeth brace provides a temporary solution for those dealing with missing teeth.
  2. Metal-Free: The device is free from adhesives or metal, reducing the risk of potential metal toxicity or inflammation.

Room For Improvement

  1. Comfort Concerns: Some users have reported discomfort while using the teeth brace.
  2. Lack of Professional Approval: The device lacks formal approval from orthodontists or dentists.

Safety Of Reset Smile Teeth Device

Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of Reset’s teeth device is crucial. Some positive reviews on the website have raised questions regarding their authenticity. There is skepticism about whether these reviews are genuine or manipulated. Several reviews mention interactions with a customer service representative named Jason, who is reportedly skilled at persuading customers to make a purchase. However, there is limited feedback regarding the actual effectiveness of the product.

A review posted on TrustPilot highlights potential issues customers might encounter. Despite ordering an impression kit with the promise of a refund if unsatisfied, a customer expressed difficulty in obtaining the refund. This ordeal included unanswered emails and a lack of communication from the company. In response, the customer had to contact the Better Business Bureau to address the matter.

Conclusion: Reset Smile Reviews

Reset offers a unique solution with its teeth brace, aimed at addressing dental irregularities with a custom 3D fabricated tooth replacement device. However, the absence of formal approval from dental professionals/experts gives rise to doubts regarding its safety and efficacy. While it may offer a temporary solution for missing teeth, potential discomfort and uncertainty about its long-term benefits should be considered. Before making a decision, explore alternative dental solutions that have gained professional recognition.

Please note that the information presented in the Reset Smile reviews is based on available user experiences and reviews and may evolve over time.


  1. How much does the Reset Smile cost for its 3D fabricated tooth replacement device?

The Reset Smile cost for its 3D fabricated tooth replacement device may vary. For precise pricing information, it is recommended to explore their official website or get in touch with the available customer service for further assistance.

  1. Is Resetsmile a permanent solution for missing teeth?

Reset offers a temporary solution for those dealing with missing teeth.

  1. Are there any concerns about the safety of Reset Smile’s teeth device?

Some users have reported discomfort while using the tooth brace. Additionally, the device lacks formal approval from orthodontists or dentists, raising safety concerns.

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