Keep Your Deck Looking Fresh

Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Deck Looking Fresh For Years To Come

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market either now or down the road, it’s important to ensure you’re doing all you can to enhance the value of your property. As HomeLight reports in their Top Agent Insights for New Year 2022 investing in projects to improve curb appeal are effective ways to boost your home’s value. 

Real estate agents report that on average, simple things such as simple lawn care can result in 539% ROI, and even projects requiring a little more effort such as applying fresh mulch can yield 536% ROI. Collectively, these projects can add $4,500 to your home’s resale value even on a small budget.

Another way to boost your home’s value is properly maintaining your deck since many homebuyers are looking to spend more time outdoors. Since there’s a variety of ways you can maintain a deck, here are a few tips to simplify the process.

Effectively Deep Clean The Surface

Regularly cleaning your deck is one of the most effective ways to preserve the value of your deck and help make your home sell quickly. The key to getting the job done is by choosing the right cleaner. There’s a few you can choose from such as the ones below.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite: This is a safer bleach agent compared to alternatives that is one of the most frequently recommended deck cleaners. When the agent is mixed with water, it creates hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate which work well in removing dirt and mildew.
  • Oxalic Acid: An agent that works best for cedar or redwood decks, oxalic acid is very effective at brightening and cleaning the materials. Keep in mind that this is a toxic chemical so you’ll need protective gear when using it.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: More commonly known as lye, this cleaner is so potent that it’s frequently used to remove paint and sealer from wood. It’s popular with homeowners because it works well in pump spray cleaners and doesn’t require a power washer to be effective. 

Stain Your Deck To Protect It From The Elements

After you deep clean your deck, you can then begin staining your deck to help protect it from the elements. This is a relatively simple process that requires basic supplies such as paintbrushes, painters tape, a paint tray, putty knife, drop cloths, and a power sander. These are all supplies you can find at a standard home improvement store.

In regards to the stain for your deck, the main types include:

  • Transparent Stain: Seals and protects the deck without changing the color of the wood. It’s a great fit for decks that are new or in great shape.
  • Semi-Transparent Stain: Adds a hint of color to the wood while showing the natural texture. It’s a great option if you want to compliment the color of your home.
  • Solid-Color Sealant: Completely colors the wood grain, this is best suited for older decks with signs of wear that need a like-new appearance. 
  • Restoration Paint: Restores and strengthens aging wood, this is a great way to add vibrant color and protect the wood from the elements.

If you’re not sure of the styles that work best for making your home more attractive to buyers, you can always contact a real estate agent who can advise on the best ways to prepare your home for a sale.

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