Top Design Trends For VA Townhouses

Top Design Trends For VA Townhouses

The trendiest design elements for Virginia townhomes are all about simplicity and integration with earthy pieces. This has been the main decorating theme for a few years now, with no signs of abating. Environmentally-friendly items are huge right now, so put down the plastic and pick up nature-made items to bring your townhouse into the next decade’s predominant style.

Texture & Natural Elements

Today’s decor of townhouses for sale in Suffolk VA includes white walls paired with stark, black accent pieces around the rooms. Since the contrast is quite striking, you can warm up the room by adding a few pieces that are made from natural materials like rattan, wood and stone.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that is a great alternative to traditional types of wood. These natural elements add a lot of visual interest to the room. Live plants also offer a lot of earthy texture and have the added benefit of purifying the air and/or providing calming energy.

Flexible Rooms

Rooms that have more than one purpose are becoming trendy as townhouses become smaller. People under 40 are more likely to turn a formal dining room area into a reading/gaming nook, an office or a workout space. More people than ever before are working from home, so an office corner could be integrated into a multi-use room that’s also built for entertainment.

Storage Space

Because townhouses tend to be smaller than single-family homes, residents want lots of storage options to hide clutter. Floating shelves, under-bed compartments and lofts can store a lot of personal items without taking up much space.

Simple Interior Design

The interior design styles from Japan and Scandanavia, with their simple forms and minimal decor, have been trendy for a while. There’s even a name for this trend that combines both aesthetics: Japandi. This style goes well with flexible space rooms because it emphasizes reusing the same items for multiple purposes.

Green & Blue-Gray Colors

Greens, in line with the trend of natural elements, dominate the color palette. Light shades of green are popular, from a very pale mint to teal. As for gray hues, the tide has shifted from cool, steel grays to more of a light blue-gray shade that complements white walls.

As people become busier and more involved with technology, there’s a parallel shift toward minimizing visual clutter and going back to simpler times in the design aspect. It’s all about personal comfort, sustainability and tranquillity for today’s busy homeowners.

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