PRP Hair Treatment

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP is known as Plasma Rich Platelet is a method which was previously used to treat injured bones.

Recently, researchers have said that PRP has the ability to solve one of the greatest dermatology problems, hair loss. They believe that PRP injections promote natural hair growth and maintain it, the increase in the blood supply to the hair follicle which then increases the thickness of hair.

How Can PRP Used As A Hair Treatment Method?

Platelet is one of the components of blood. PRP hair treatment is a three step treatment which is used to promote hair growth. In connection with hair growth, it is said that when platelets are injected into the scalp, it boosts Dermal Papilla cells, which play a significant role in hair growth.

How Is PRP Treatment For Hair Loss Carried Out?

The PRP treatment is done in three steps:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm most probably.
  • Blood is then circulated in a centrifuge, it will then separate into red blood cells, platelet rich plasma, and platelets poor plasma.
  • The platelet rich plasma is then interjected into your scalp with the help of a syringe to the areas with receding hairlines.

How Long Does PRP Last For Hair Loss?

The treatment period of PRP treatment varies according to the needs of each patient. But generally it lasts up to 6 months to get proper results, getting injected every month.

What Are The Results Of A PRP Hair Treatment?

As compared to a hair transplant surgery, PRP is not a good choice. If you’re good candidate for hair transplant surgery then you should not go for PRP, as hair transplant has a higher success rate.

PRP hair treatment success rate is till 40%, visible results are seen within three to four months post treatment.

There have been many experiments of PRP for hair loss before and after, to prove its efficiency. In 2017, 50 men suffering from Alopecia, male pattern baldness were taken for testing PRP treatment. They were given PRP injections on the right side of their scalp and they received prominent positive results which prove PRP treatment is a successful hair treatment.

Safety In PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is not suitable for everyone; you have to be eligible for it. If you have the following problems you’re not eligible for PRP and it might not be safe for you:

  • Heavy smoker
  • Alcoholic
  • Use blood thinners
  • If a woman is pregnant.
  • If the person is anemic
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Low Platelet Count
  • Has some skin disease
  • Thyroid Disease

To ensure safety, get your treatment done from an experienced doctor.

Mild Risks

The mild risks of PRP hair Treatment include pain, inflammation and temporary shedding hair.

How Much A PRP Hair Treatment Costs?

A PRP Hair Treatment is not very economical as it requires more than one session to get good results. A single session of PRP hair treatment costs around $1000. As it is not a one time investment, many people cannot afford it. But if the patient gets his desired results, then it’s worth it.


PRP hair therapy is used as cure for alopecia, male pattern baldness. This condition can affect both genders. It is also useful for the thinning of hair in women that occurs at the front of the head. Shortly, PRP is a cure to baldness in both genders.

Moreover, researches are still done to get more information regarding the PRP treatment. It is important to advance the obtaining and injecting methods. As the success rate is 40%, it also needs to improve and how PRP works for hair growth requires medical evidence.

Therefore, PRP hair treatment is still being studied for higher achievements in results. You can check PRP hair treatment cost in Karachi, Pakistan by searching for PRP hair treatment clinics nearby on Google and contacting them.

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