Why Choose Amerimax

Why Choose Amerimax?

Amerimax windows offer many benefits. Aside from being color-fast, vinyl products are virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl products have the same energy efficiency as fiberglass and wood. While aluminum products are cheaper, they don’t have the same energy-efficiency benefits as vinyl. Amerimax vinyl is also insect-resistant and significantly more thermally efficient than steel or aluminum. This makes it a great option for any type of home, regardless of style or decor.

Energy Efficiency

Amerimax Windows and Doors have been in business since 1986 and have built a solid reputation as the leader in innovation and customer service. They were among the first manufacturers in the West to introduce standardized energy-efficient glass and spacer systems. In 2006, they completely redesigned their entire product line. Today, they serve both commercial and residential customers.

Amerimax Windows, Denver area, feature an extensive range of window configurations and styles. For instance, the WinPro series features windows that combine a sleek profile with an expanded viewing area. There are also options for wood windows and vinyl windows. The Aristocrat Casement Series is one of the most aesthetically pleasing window lines in the industry. It offers the perfect blend of style and durability. And because it has an impressive line of custom window sizes and configurations, there’s a model to fit any home.


One of the most important factors that you need to look for when you purchase new replacement windows is their durability. Amerimax windows are known for their strong frame and double-pane glass. Additionally, they come with triple-weather-stripping and a welded sash corner. As far as the aesthetics go, Amerimax windows are unsurpassed. The company is known for its high quality, affordability, and durability.

Amerimax windows are manufactured with vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. They meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and quality. Amerimax windows are insect and rot-resistant, and they offer significant thermal efficiency when compared to aluminum and steel windows. The company’s warranty period is also quite long. And it doesn’t hurt that Amerimax offers a 20-year limited warranty.

Color Options

Amerimax Windows come in many different colors and styles. If you want to change the look of your windows, you should consider the Craftsman Portrait series or the Tuscany. Both are excellent choices, but the Tuscany uses double-strength glass instead of single, which is rare in low-end vinyl windows. The cost of window replacement depends on how well the frame is made and its quality. If the window frames are made of stucco, you may have to rip out eight inches of stucco and re-stucco. This can add to the cost and is not recommended for those who don’t want to spend the extra money.

When considering window color choices, Amerimax windows can be painted in a variety of colors, ranging from white and beige to black and gold. Exterior color options are also available. These add to the cost but are a great way to make your windows fit in with your decor. Additionally, Amerimax offers a lifetime limited warranty on all materials and labor. Whether you’re replacing an old window or looking to add a new one, Amerimax has a color to fit your taste.


If you have any questions or concerns about your new windows, you should be aware of the warranty on Amerimax windows. This warranty will cover manufacturing defects and related consequences, including improper installation. In addition, it does not cover damage resulting from normal weathering, breakage, or harmful chemicals. To take advantage of the warranty, you should first contact your dealer or contractor.

To get a warranty for your new windows, be sure to purchase them from a reputable company. Amerimax windows are manufactured in Texas and come with a 20-year limited warranty. They are also available in different colors and styles. If you need a specific color to match your decor, Amerimax windows are a great option.

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