zadoo clothing Reviews: Is Zadoo Clothing Legit Or Scam?

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy products, offering convenience and a vast array of options. However, it’s essential to be cautious when exploring lesser-known online stores. In this comprehensive article, we will examine Zadoo store reviews, to help you make an informed decision about whether to trust this platform with your hard-earned money.

General Information About

Zadoo markets itself as an online retail destination that boasts an extensive catalog of products, including clothing items like shirts, pants, and dresses, along with various household goods such as grills, raised garden beds, and self-watering planters. The primary draw for many shoppers is the seemingly irresistible discounts on these products.

Features Of Zadoo:

Website URL:

Business Address: Not Available


Telephone Number: Not Available

Product Categories: Clothing and household items, including shirts, pants, dresses, grills, garden beds, and planters.

Registered On: 1999-03-24

Payment Method: Pay With Credit/Debit Card

Negative Aspects Of

Regrettably, our thorough investigation into Zadoo Clothing has uncovered several negative aspects that potential shoppers should consider before making a purchase.

Dubious Ownership: is owned and operated by Meledo Co. Ltd, a company with a questionable online reputation. The company has been associated with numerous untrustworthy online stores and is known for engaging in bait-and-switch scams, resulting in customers receiving different, cheaper items than what they ordered.

Misleading Location: While Zadoo claims to be based in the UK, our research has shown that many products are, in fact, shipped from China. Registering a company in the UK is a relatively straightforward process and doesn’t necessarily signify a legitimate operation.

Customer Support Void: Customer support is a vital aspect of any online store, yet disappoints in this area. The provided email address,, is non-functional, and the absence of a provided phone number makes it exceedingly difficult to contact the company.

Too Good to Be True Discounts: advertises its products at prices that are unrealistically low. These massive discounts are often used to lure unsuspecting buyers, but legitimate stores typically cannot afford such discounts without incurring significant losses.

Security Threats: Online security is of utmost importance, especially when dealing with sensitive personal and financial information. Zadoo Clothing’s website is lacking essential security features like McAfee or Norton, making it susceptible to potential hacker attacks that could jeopardize customer data.

Is Legit Or A Scam?

Based on the findings from our Zadoo reviews, it’s evident that this is not a trustworthy or legitimate online store. While the discounts may seem enticing, the risks associated with shopping on this website far outweigh any potential savings. Therefore, we strongly advise against making purchases from

Using PayPal For Safety

When it comes to online transactions, using PayPal can provide an additional layer of security. However, it’s crucial to note that even when using PayPal, it does not guarantee a quick refund. Some dubious stores exploit a vulnerability in PayPal’s system by providing a tracking number unrelated to the actual purchase, making it challenging to dispute the transaction. Therefore, shoppers using PayPal should exercise caution and be prepared for unexpected challenges.

How To Spot A Scam Website?

To safeguard yourself from potential online shopping scams, consider these essential tips:

  • Check the Domain Age: Verify the age of the website’s domain to assess its credibility, which can be done through domain lookup services such as
  • Verify the Physical Location: If the website provides a return address, ensure it leads to a legitimate warehouse location and not a residential address.
  • Seek Customer Reviews: Look for genuine customer reviews of the store online. The absence of reviews should raise a red flag, and patience may be necessary to gather more information or seek verification from reputable sources.
  • Assess Social Media Presence: Confirm that the social media icons provided on the website are functional and link to genuine social media pages.

Conclusion: Zadoo Reviews

In conclusion, is a highly questionable online store that should be avoided. While online shopping offers convenience, ensuring your safety and security is paramount. By adhering to the guidelines and recommendations provided in this review, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to potential scams when dealing with lesser-known websites like Zadoo Clothing. Your online shopping experience should be both enjoyable and secure, so taking precautions is essential in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.


Is a legitimate online store?

Zadoo Store reviews reveal that it does not appear to be a legitimate online store. It has raised concerns related to ownership, location, and security, making it a potentially risky choice for online shoppers.

  1. Are the discounts offered by too good to be true?

Yes, the discounts advertised on Zadoo Clothing are unrealistically low, which is a common tactic used by potentially fraudulent online stores to lure unsuspecting buyers. Legitimate stores typically cannot offer such massive discounts without incurring significant losses.

  1. Can I use PayPal for added safety when shopping on

While using PayPal can provide an additional layer of security for online transactions, it’s important to note that it does not guarantee a quick refund. Some dubious stores exploit vulnerabilities in PayPal’s system, making it challenging to dispute transactions. Shoppers using PayPal should exercise caution and be prepared for potential challenges when dealing with questionable online stores like

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