Tips To Ace The ACT Writing Section

5 Best Tips To Ace The ACT Writing Section

ACT is an important exam for high school students who want to apply to a college. There are different sections to examine a student’s knowledge of Mathematics, Science, and Reading. Besides, there is a writing section to assess the student’s writing skills.

If you want to ace the ACT writing section, below are five tips to consider-

Get Clear On The Exam Pattern

First and foremost, if you want to ace the ACT writing section, it is necessary to know what t expect in the writing section. This will help you prepare accordingly. This section is all about testing your ability and skills to pick an argument from an issue and use effective language in writing.

You get around 40 minutes to read, plan, and respond to the essay format. The ACT overall score is the average score you receive in English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading. But, the writing score is separated out from the other areas.

While it isn’t required by all the colleges, it is still a good idea to take this exam anyway. It will be beneficial if you end up applying to a college that requires it. You can seek professional guidance from Orange county Tutor to write score well in the ACT writing exam.

Time Management Is The Key

Not finishing your ACT essay on time is a scary thing. If you want to avoid it, it’s good to utilize the time you have been given. But how? Use the first few minutes to select a topic. Then, plan about how many points you will include or what examples you will use.

After that, write your essay and try to complete it within 40 minutes. Don’t forget to review and edit the essay after it has been written. This way, you will be able to complete the ACT writing section in time.

Choose What You Can Elaborate Best

Pick a side you can defend to the best of your ability. In other words, choose the side of an argument you can think strongly about. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to write and complete your essay on time. It may not be the side you strongly support. All you need to show your ability to write effectively, using details and logic.

Add Counterclaims In Your Essay

A counterclaim is an argument that recognizes examples or claims which the opposite side may use. For example, suppose the ACT writing asks, ‘Should students chew gum in the classes?’ You choose gum-chewing in classes. When you are writing your essay, you should also include the opposite side of chewing gums in the classes too. You can write about how chewing gums can have a positive effect on the students. Or, how can you eliminate gum under the table.

Don’t Forget To Edit Your Essay

Revise, edit, and proofread your work. Try to spare at least a few minutes to review your work. During the writing test, there is so much stress that it can cause anyone to make mistakes. Therefore, it’s good to utilize the last five minutes to fix the errors and improve the writing.

With these few tips, you can score better in your ACT writing section.

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