Preparing Your Space For Flooring Installation

5 Tips For Preparing Your Space For Flooring Installation

Installing new flooring can be an exciting renovation project, but preparing your space for installation beforehand is essential. This can help the process go as smoothly as possible and ensure your new floors look their best. This may seem like a no-brainer, but removing all breakable items from the room where your new floors will be installed is crucial. This includes glass frames and wall hangings.

Clean Your Space

Flooring plays a role in many aspects of a home, whether improving acoustics, highlighting art, or simply making a room cozier. It can also impact a homeowner’s health by filtering out dust and allergens. It’s essential to clear all items from the area of your house that will be affected by flooring installation Decatur, GA. This includes closets and storage areas. It’s often easy to overlook these tucked-away spaces, but cleaning them before flooring installers arrive is essential.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep children and pets out of the work zone. This ensures their safety and that they do not get in the way of the flooring installation team. It would be best to ventilate the area with fresh air during and after flooring installation.

Remove All Breakables

If you’re installing new laminate flooring and want to preserve your wall decor, it’s best to clear all the knickknacks from the walls before installation begins. If not, they may get bumped or knocked over during the process. The same goes for closets or storage areas in the room where the floor will be installed. Ensure everything is moved out, including clothes hanging on racks or stored in drawers. If you’re using a click-and-lock installation technique, you may not need to remove anything from your space! However, it’s always a good idea to prepare the area anyway. It makes the entire project more efficient. It also helps ensure that no breakable items are accidentally damaged. Moisture in concrete can ruin some flooring materials, so if you’re installing a basement or below-grade floor, consider a vapor barrier.

Clear The Room

When getting new flooring, preparing the space for installation is essential. This includes clearing the room and removing any items that may get in the way of the installers. This helps ensure that your new floors are installed smoothly and quickly. It’s a good idea to clear the room of any fragile items. This includes glass frames and paintings on the walls, drapes, and fabric hangings. It’s also a good idea to empty any closets or storage spaces. This will make it easier for the installers to work and will prevent them from bumping into items that could break. Removing items from countertops, such as scales and floor mats, is also a good idea. It’s best to take these items away before the installers arrive so they can quickly work around them.

Remove All Moldings

Flooring affects how your home looks and functions, changing acoustics, adding warmth and beauty, and saving on heating bills. It’s also a great way to update your space and bring new trends. It’s not just essential to remove fragile items and furniture from the room, but it’s equally important to clear all moldings. This includes baseboards and doorway stop moldings. Flooring installers often cut these molding bottoms to slip the new floors underneath, causing an unsightly gap and potential tripping hazard.

Similarly, make sure to empty all closets and storage areas where new flooring is being installed. This includes nooks like coat closets and mudrooms. These often contain breakables like vases, ceramic bowls, trinkets, family photos, mirrors, and window treatments.

Remove All Furniture

Regarding flooring, you want your installation day to go as smoothly as possible. One way to ensure that is to remove all furniture from the space that will be getting new floors. You can move furniture to another room in your home that needs to get new floors or rent a storage unit for your flooring project. Your choice depends on your budget, the size of the space that will be getting new floors, and your available time frame. It’s also a good idea to pack up any items on built-in shelves or fireplace mantels and store them in boxes out of the way while the installers work. That includes wall art and decor that could get damaged by dust or fumes during the flooring installation process.

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