Benefits Of Using Aluminum Framing System

Benefits Of Using Aluminum Framing System

Aluminum is a metal alloy that is very flexible and can be bent in several ways. It’s strong, light and will give good results for a long time. When purchasing an aluminum framing system, it is essential to avoid cheap products because they won’t last long. A good quality product means that the framing will be free from all kinds of defects such as sharp edges or corrosion, but also that joints between beams are well-soldered to prevent water from entering the building later on. When choosing between aluminum framing systems, you need to know about the various benefits of this type of construction:

Durability & Flexibility

Compared to wood, another popular material for building structures, aluminum has a few advantages: it’s more durable and much more flexible. Aluminum doesn’t rot, which cannot be said about wood; it doesn’t burn and will not be damaged by moisture. Wood expands when exposed to heat and contracts when the weather turns cold, but aluminum isn’t affected by this factor at all.

Fire Safety

The amount of heat needed to melt aluminum is high; thus, it would take a long time for aluminum beams to get hot enough for them to catch fire. Aluminum is also non-flammable and has a low thermal conductivity index (which means that there will be no energy transferred inside the building if the aluminum framing system gets hot). Aluminum is also an excellent conductor of electricity.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum has good corrosion resistance because of its oxide layer; the oxide layer forms spontaneously when exposed to oxygen or water vapor in the air – this protective layer prevents further oxidation by forming a barrier over the aluminum surface, preventing any moisture from getting through. Aluminum can corrode only if the humidity level exceeds 80%, making it a suitable metal for outdoor use.

Strength & Durability

Aluminum is four times lighter than steel, but its strength-to-weight ratio is very high. Aluminum also has a high limit of elasticity (ability to return to the original shape after deformation); this means that aluminum will not snap even if it’s extended beyond its limits (in case you need framing for buildings with curvy walls). Aluminum can be used in combination with other building materials; this material can be fastened, bolted, or riveted together without causing any damage during the process. It is an important reason to consider using aluminum framing systems provided by different companies such as Minitec Profile Systems.


Aluminum is available in different colors so that you can choose pretty much any color for your building materials; the only thing that might limit you will be budget. An aluminum framing system comes with a high price tag mainly because of the nature of this material (reducing the amount of energy needed during the production process to make it lightweight). Security measures might restrict the use of metal fasteners. Aluminum can be easily painted, which means that you will not have to put too much effort into maintaining good looks in your house or other buildings.

If you are looking for a quality and sturdy building material, you might use an aluminum framing system to receive the best results.

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