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Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co Review (Dec 2022)

Are you someone who likes to smell good the whole day? What kind of scents do you like- a musky summerish fragrance or a beautiful feminine one? Choosing the right scent for every diverse occasion necessarily depicts your impression. People may call you picky, but that’s not your concern, as it’s okay to research, taking some time to figure out that one scent you think is perfect for you.   

The Dossier .co is the perfect destination for all the picky perfume lovers in the United states. The company manufactures the most versatile range of fragrances with toxic-free ingredients. However, if you are more inclined toward lovely feminine scents, Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co has the potential to be your favorite one. So why not go through its full review and explore the pleasing notes of the beautiful fragrance.  

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co  

There’s a new exciting trend going on in the perfume industry known as Gourmand fragrances. ‘Gourmand’ refers to someone who loves eating and drinking. So, these are perfect ‘Foodie Fragrances’ for foodies. These perfumes consist of artificially-made edible notes blended with the notes of patchouli and musk.  

Another perfume by the Dossier, The White Flower, is also a foodie perfume. It consists of notes of white flowers, with a blend of some other notes like vanilla, musk, caramel, and berries.   

Insights Into Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co  

The product is inspired by Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf. It has received positive reviews from its users. The perfume is vegan and totally cruelty-free. It lacks toxins like phthalate and paraben. The Flowerbomb is not made with artificial colorants or UV filters; hence it’s safe to use. The fragrance will be great if layered with cedarwood or vanilla scents. You can easily track this brand on various social media handles like Instagram and Facebook.  

More About The White Flower Perfume By Dossier.co

It is a ‘Gourmand’ perfume or a ‘Foodie’ perfume. It’s a pleasing feminine fragrance having primary notes of vanilla, white flowers, and caramel. The top notes include bergamot, berries, green tea, and freesia, which are the first things you will smell of wearing The White Flower Perfume by Dossier.co. The middle notes are of orchid, rose, and white flowers. Finally, the base notes contain ingredients like caramel, patchouli, vanilla, and musk.   

The products sell for $29, but nowadays, they’re being sold at $17.40 because of an ongoing discount. So, buy its 50 ml bottle now on https://dossier.co/products/gourmand-white-flowers.   

Advantages Of Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co  

  • It is safe to use as there are no harmful substances used as its ingredients.  
  • The fragrance is completely vegan and free from any type of cruelty.  
  • The product is sold in 50 ml bottles, so it is travel-friendly and can be fetched anywhere.  
  • The company is legit and trustworthy. Check the customer reviews for the product, and most of them seem optimistic.  
  • The White Flower Perfume by Dossier.co is hazardous-free and has versatile notes.  


The fragrance is expensive, so buying it during a sale is preferred when discounts are available. It retails in only one size of 50ml, so you have no option of getting it in a bigger size to stock it up. The website lacks any address-related information.  

User Reviews Of Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co  

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co is an imitation of the original Victor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb. So, you can see many customers comparing the two. Some say the durability of the Dossier one is less but still stays for long enough for its price.   

You can’t see many reviews on the social media handles of Dossier, but the official website shelters all of them. Their Facebook user review section is disabled. Most reviews certify it as an incredible product, whereas some have mentioned it is too strong.  

The Legitimacy Of Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co  

Though the brand claims to offer excellence, it is advised to check accumulated data to sense the reliability of such claims.   

  • The website was registered on 2nd Dec 2012.  
  • So, the domain is nine years old and hence not new enough to make users feel suspicious.  
  • The trust score of the website is 70% which is quite good.  
  • The website’s content is all original and free from any copied matter.  
  • The site is The White Flower Perfume by Dossier.co, and the brand is Dossier, of course.  
  • The website lacks any address of authenticity.  
  • The only way to connect is to email help@dossier.co 
  • The owner of the brand is not known.  
  • The customer reviews on the website are incredible.  
  • The brand is, of course, very popular.  
  •  You can also check the brand and its product range on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  

All this is ample to prove the legitimacy of the website.  


Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co is obviously a reputable brand with versatile fragrant products. This specific perfume is also pleasing and well-suited for those who like feminine fragrances with hints of edible notes as its ingredients. If you plan to get a new luxury perfume, give it a shot and make that perfect impression wherever you go. 

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