Mind At Peace During The Pandemic

How To Keep Your Mind At Peace During The Pandemic

When Coronavirus hit the world, it started spreading around the world rather rapidly. With no vaccine in sight, WHO recommended that people keep a social distance to slow down the spread. This made the government put in movement restrictions and lockdowns, forcing people to stay at home.

Most of us lead a rather faced-paced life where social interactions take the center stage. Every day you hustle frantically up and down while making hundreds of personal interactions. Unfortunately, home confinement brought this active lifestyle to a sudden halt. This is enough to make even the strongest of persons worry and get anxious. It can also significantly increase stress levels and lead to other problems such as poor sleeping and eating habits.

Such problems can easily put a dent to your physical and mental health. This is why it is important to be mindful of how you are spending your time at home during the pandemic. Here are some tips on how you can spend your time at home and come out on the other side with your overall well being intact.

Limit Coronavirus News Consumption

Nws on Coronavirus seems to be everywhere you look. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have anything good in them. While you may feel the need to stay informed on what is happening, consuming such negative news continuously can have adverse effects on your mood. They can keep you on edge the whole day, limiting your productivity. It is best that you limit your consumption of coronavirus news. Have a specified time in your schedule that you look at the updates and sign off until the following day.

Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones

Staying and working in isolation can have negative effects on your mind and motivation, especially when you are used to interacting with people. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be in close proximity to socialize with your loved ones. Ensure that you are scheduling social hours to catch up with your friends and family on video chat or call. You can also find your family members who worked in America in the US census 1910.

Develop Your Creative Side

Most of us have a creative side that we have suppressed probably because of lack of time from our busy schedules. If you are in this category, now is the time to start developing that aspect of your life. For all you know, you can end up earning some money out of it to complement the financial constraints brought about by the pandemic.

For instance, you can start painting, sewing, or knitting. There are many tutorials online that can help you become a pro. Better still, why not put your thoughts into a song and record it using your computer. Moreover, you can use VST plugins that incorporate special effects and virtual instruments into your recording.


Besides helping you stay fit and prevent illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, exercise lifts up your spirits and moods. This can help you stay motivated for the rest of the day, and also energize you to tackle all the tasks that you need to. In addition, daily exercise can help you improve your sleeping pattern at this time when anxiety tends to keep you awake.

You can take a brisk walk around the block, run around the neighborhood or you can grab your bike and ride away. Acquire an electric bike kit and convert your bike into a pedal-assist, light electric bike and then go hiking with it.

If you have a gym at home, all the better for you. If you don’t, you can follow online classes for some exercise routines at home. The most important thing is to ensure that you are working out every day. To top it up, ensure that you are staying away from comfort foods and eating a well-balanced diet.

Start Gardening

Immersing yourself in nature is a good way to calm the mind and lift your spirits. Now that time to interact with nature is limited, you can do yourself some good by bringing in nature to your home. You can start gardening in your backyard or indoors if you don’t have the space.

Gardening will allow you to grow healthy foods at home, limiting the number of times you visit the grocery. In addition, it can give you a sense of purpose and make you feel accomplished at this time that you need it the most.


How well you come out of this will depend on how you are spending time at home. Instead of spending your days feeling defeated and down, it is important that you lift yourself up and view life positively. Create a daily routine that will get you active throughout the day, and don’t forget to include the above tips.

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