Keeping Your Family Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Family Warm This Winter

Winter is fast approaching and as we feel a bite in the air and the need for a warming beverage, many of us will have our minds on how to keep ourselves and our families warm this winter.

With the spike in electricity, gas, and fuel prices, it makes sense that many of us want to try and find ways to keep warm this winter that do not just rely on turning up the thermostat, so this piece is here to offer a guide.

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Get Your Boiler Serviced

First and foremost, getting your boiler serviced is an important part of home care. It will also make a significant difference to the warmth of your house along with your bills if your boiler is not working correctly. Getting your boiler serviced, and potentially getting an upgrade can make the world of difference to how effective your heating is, so do not delay this checkup and head over to to see how they can help you!

Hot Water Bottles and Beanies

Sometimes, heating a person is much easier than heating a whole room. This technique can be particularly effective if everyone has different baseline temperatures, and a middle ground needs to be found. Using hot water bottles and microwavable beanies can help a person regulate their personal temperature which can work for everyone and also mean that there won’t be an argument for heating or opening a window!

Rearrange Your Furniture

Having large items of furniture in front of the radiators in your home can stop the heat from flowing throughout the rooms and keeping everything toastie. If you find that your furniture has been placed in front of your radiators, then a rearrangement could make all the difference to how the heat dissipates throughout your rooms.

Keep your sofas, beds, and wardrobes around the room and away from the front of the radiators for maximum warmth.

Draft Proof Your Rooms  

Drafts are one of those common pains that mean that the warm air you are desperately trying to keep in the house can quickly leave, along with being replaced with something that is a little chillier. Make sure to draft proof any spots that are prone to have cracks and crevices leading to the outside and keep on top of them to make sure they do not split. Having draft proofing in your home and not having it can make a significant difference to how comfortable everyone is in the house, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive job to do!

Focus On Layers 

Layers are one of the more efficient ways to keep heat trapped, and you can adopt this idea with either items such as carpets and curtains, or use the ideas of layers for your clothes and with blankets.

Just an extra one or two layers could make a significant difference to how warm you or your family feel, without adding to the electricity bill.

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