Planning An Intimate Wedding

Planning An Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding has a number of advantages, ranging from more freedom and flexibility to customization. An intimate wedding will reflect the love story of the couple, rather than a general theme. The couple will have complete control over every aspect of the wedding, including the music, food, venue, and guest count. Here are some tips to make your wedding as intimate as possible. Visit There’s more where these came from.


A small wedding may be a good idea if you have a tight budget, but there are still ways to save money. Holidays are often good times for intimate weddings, so you might consider having the event on a holiday. Ensure that you account for the food that you’ll need to serve your guests. Consider having the reception at a local restaurant as well to support local small businesses. You’ll also need to plan for the costs associated with an event that involves an evening reception, if applicable.

If the two of you are responsible for generating the bulk of the wedding budget, it’s a good idea to sit down with your financial contributors and determine how much each person can contribute to the event. Decide what you’d like for your big day and discuss what you can do without. You’ll likely be able to afford more extravagant events while staying within your budget. A wedding ceremony is a great way to celebrate your love for each other, so don’t overextend yourself.

Guest Count

The number of guests at an intimate wedding is generally smaller than that of a larger affair. Your list should also take into account children. Infants and small children are not counted in the guest count if they are seated on your lap. Many venues have separate menus and discounted pricing for children, so it’s important to ask about it when booking your venue.

Choose the number of guests you’re willing to invite. Although intimate weddings are generally smaller than those of larger events, they can still be fun and memorable. When choosing the number of guests to invite, remember that you’re not obliged to include everyone – and that’s okay! This way, you’ll get to meet more people, enjoy yourself, and celebrate your new marriage with close friends and family. You can also choose to invite only family and friends who are close to you and enjoy each other’s company.

Venue Options

There are many venue options for an intimate wedding. If you want a unique backdrop, you could choose a museum. Many museums offer wedding packages and unique decor. Research your favorite museums before booking your wedding. Alternatively, you could choose a historical site for an elegant, intimate wedding. In both cases, you will have a beautiful location with a unique setting. Venue options for an intimate wedding can vary widely, so make sure to consider all of your options before making a final decision.

You can save money by choosing an intimate venue. You may choose to use cheaper vendors, like a photographer. Some venues have preferred vendors that charge a higher price, so make sure you shop around. Also, some venues don’t offer professional photographers. If you don’t want to hire a photographer, you can go with a homemade cake. You can also cut down on the number of guests if you plan to have a small wedding.

Customizable Package

A customized package is a perfect choice for a small or intimate wedding. The package includes everything you need for an intimate wedding – from the ceremony itself to the flowers for the bridesmaids. The ceremony also includes photo prints of the entire event. The wedding package can also be customized to include other services, such as rehearsal dinner and extra photo shoot hours. The possibilities are endless! And if you’d like to customize it even further, you can add extras like a ceremony rug, flowers for the bridesmaids, and a wedding cake.

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