Retail Rivals

Retail Rivals: How To Make Your Store Stand Out

The retail industry is saturated with competition, making it harder for brands to stand out to their target audience. For a physical store to be a success, it must focus on differentiating its brand, products, and customer experience from its retail rivals.

The key is to develop a professional, cool, and caring image that will encourage footfall and retain loyalty. If you’re ready to get started, read the advice below on how to make your store stand out.

Perfect Your Store Signage

Your store sign will need to complement your brand, catch attention, and help passersby instantly understand what you’re selling.

Also, you must use the correct colors and font to articulate your brand’s personality, prevent confusion, and entice shoppers to step inside. Visuals are just as important as the text, which is why you shouldn’t rush in choosing the perfect font for your signage.

In addition to grabbing attention, the font that you select should be easy to read, professional, and on-brand to encourage trust in your business and increase footfall.

Host Cool Events

If your business has generated very little local press and is struggling for customers, consider hosting cool events throughout the year. For instance, you could host a demonstration, book signing, fundraiser, or social event to form a stronger connection with the local community.

Also, you could hire a local musician, band, or artist to perform, which may encourage people to venture out of their homes to watch them in action.

Go The Extra Mile

A superb customer service experience could separate your brand from its rivals. Don’t underestimate the power of a welcoming smile, a helping hand, or a product recommendation.

Make it your mission to hire friendly, helpful employees who will go the extra mile for customers, from helping them with their shopping to ringing them a cab upon request. A caring, positive environment might encourage your target audience to choose your store over a local rival.

Transform Your Interior

A dull, unorganized, and uncomfortable interior will cause a visitor to walk out the door to visit a competitor. Separate your store from its rivals by transforming your interior and giving people a reason to spend more time exploring your products.

For example, create a spacious layout that allows people to move past other customers with ease. Also, introduce statement furniture to complement a high-end interior and help customers to rest their tired legs and recharge their batteries. A quick rest could even encourage a visitor to spend longer in your store. It may even help to introduce interactive mirrors, screens, or a play area to entertain customers and keep children occupied while parents are browsing.

Guaranteed they’ll choose your store over nearby competitors time and time again.


Competition is tough in the retail industry, but you can introduce tactics to gain an advantage and secure many customers.

Take a walk around your retail rivals’ stores to identify their strengths and weaknesses, which could help you identify the changes that you need to make in your bricks-and-mortar business.

Also, you might need to update your signage or interior to attract and retain many customers, and you could increase footfall by hosting fun events or going above and beyond for your customers.

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