Signs That It's Time To Install Gutter Guards

Signs That It’s Time To Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a smart investment for homeowners who want to reduce their time climbing up and down ladders cleaning their gutters. They can also help reduce fire hazards caused by pine needles and other debris collected in the gutters.

Homeowners should get the proper tools and supplies to install gutter guards and read the manufacturer’s instructions. They should then attach a bucket to an S-hook and hang it on the ladder for easy access.

Clogged Gutters

Clear gutters are vital to your home’s structural integrity. They direct rainwater away from the foundation, preventing moisture from damaging the structure and shifting the house over time. Clogged gutters, on the other hand, can cause water to build up and seep over the sides of the house, causing long-term damage.

Seeds, mold spores and mildew thrive in unprotected gutters. These seeds germinate when they have everything they need: water, air, soil and light. Gutter guards protect your gutters by preventing seeds from entering your gutter system.

There are a variety of types of gutter protection to choose from. Many are simple to install, requiring only a ladder and basic tools. Be sure to use a secure ladder and never rest the top of the ladder on your roof, as this can break or damage shingles.

Water Damage

Gutter guards Vancouver help to prevent water damage by deflecting falling leaves, twigs and other debris. This allows water to flow through the gutter system without accumulating in the clogged areas.

Mold may form in clogged gutters, harming a home’s roof and structure. Additionally, a blocked gutter makes the ideal breeding site for mosquitoes, which can harm one’s health.

Gutter guards offer a simple solution to prevent these problems and protect the home from expensive water damage. Gutter guards can easily be installed on a first-story house, though professional installation is recommended for two-story houses and higher. DIYers should only attempt this project if they are comfortable working from ladders and have the right equipment, like a sturdy ladder, hammer, screwdriver and tape measure.


Gutter guards stop leaves, twigs and other debris from entering your gutter system. They also stop rodents, birds and insects from using your gutters as a nesting place.

Gutter protectors also help to prevent squirrels from burying their seeds in the crevices of your gutters, which can lead to unwanted plants growing along the edges of your roof and home. In addition, these systems make it harder for squirrels to climb up and into your home through the eaves or walls.

However, you should know that no gutter protection system is foolproof. You will still need to regularly clean your gutters to remove any debris that passes the guards. Gutter guards also can make it easier to spot and remove branches, leaves and twigs that fall into your gutters during storms or windy weather.

Fire Hazards

Gutter guards can keep unwanted vegetation from growing in your gutters. This prevents the need to clean your gutters twice a year and keeps them from being overrun with leaves, seeds, twigs, and more.

Gutter systems redirect rainwater away from a home’s foundation, walls, and basement. However, rainwater can back up through the roof without gutters, causing damage. Gutter guards are designed to keep water flowing smoothly and protect the home from damage.

Gutter guard installation is easy for homeowners with a ladder and the right tools. However, this job should only be attempted by homeowners comfortable working at heights and following proper safety precautions. It’s a good idea to take your time and gather all the materials you’ll need before getting started.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can cause water to back up on the roof, causing gutters to overflow and potentially damage the home’s structure. They can also cause water to seep into the attic if there is no place for it to go.

Gutter guards prevent ice dams by ensuring that snow and ice can flow off the roof properly. This can be difficult without a ladder, but gutter guards eliminate the need for climbing and make this task much easier.

If left unchecked, ice dams can grow to the point where they can cause water damage and mold problems in the home. They can also weigh down gutters and even cause them to fall off the home. Gutter guards can protect against this by keeping ice dams from forming in the first place.

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