Business Intelligence Trends Of 2022

Top 7 Business Intelligence Trends Of 2022

Nowadays, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Oracle, etc., are a few leading industry giants in the global analytical market. However, several companies are struggling due to declining orders and understocking, which leads to a bad reputation and loss in business.

Also, businesses have become more conscious than ever. Power business intelligence, a key technology trend, helps businesses be organized. Business Intelligence is accessible to all kinds of businesses & holds a central role in making data-informed decisions for enterprises.

Business intelligence trends have become an indispensable asset for all types of small or big organizations, as it helps them leverage information and extrapolates possible future results.

Power BI has all the qualities to make on-the-spot decisions for companies to increase revenue, improve productivity and accelerate growth. Business intelligence trends reveal that companies are still working to position themselves. If you want to learn the latest Business intelligence trends that are driving e-commerce players toward higher profitability, keep reading this blog

1. Data Quality Management

Data quality management was not of much importance in the past, but it has become one of the most significant trends to consider in business intelligence strategy. Data that provides you with correct, consistent, wholesome & up-to-date information is qualitative data. The data quality management performs monitoring and delivers useful data, which helps the businesses gain the right insight.

2. Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision-making is one of the stages of business intelligence utilization and has more significance in this competitive world. For the businesses, equally competent interpretation of the qualitative data is much more relevant and beneficial. However, for making easy or useful decisions, there is a great need for the assistance of analytics. 

3. Data Governance

There has always been the importance of data governance in business intelligence. Data governance is considered the foundation of data analysis based on that all the businesses frame the process of managing, analyzing, and implementing the data. Furthermore, it ensures the quality of business assets through role-based access, authentication protocols, and auditing.

Data governance enables companies to tackle the power of technologies and deliver reliable, accurate, unique, secure, understandable, and up-to-date data to the users. It also raises the level of revenue and reputation of the companies.   


SSBI stands for self-service business intelligence. It enables business users to handle the data without relying on data scientists. SSBI also empowers you with basic knowledge to sort, filter, and analyze data. From the business perspective, self-service business intelligence is a smarter move for reducing expenses and investing in the right resources.

5. Data Literacy

Companies have started to understand the importance of implementing data analytics and decision-making. Businesses are now looking to put their insights first to making decisions for setting goals and developing strategies. They are taking action to interpret and discover a firm foundation of data literacy.

6. Data Visualization & Storytelling

Storytelling and natural visuals are one of the most engaging ways to assist the clients in understanding critical insights. Data visualization enables business people to turn their business information into graphics & charts so that the users can feel no hardships in understanding the terms. Through dashboards, interactive reports, or beautiful visuals, data storytelling puts data into context and builds a narrative around critical metrics.

In the modern data-driven world, storytelling has become a crucial norm for all businesses to analyze culture, add a dash of context to statistics, and provide you with a narrative to put insights into actions. Data storytelling is also very beneficial in shaping the business’s intelligence and adopting the principles to nurture conversations around data.

7. Automation

Automation is another cost-effective and top significant business intelligence trend for 2022 that helps trigger the workflows on data in the business ecosystem. Automation is essential to reduce data volumes’ complexity and eliminate manual data processes. This latest business intelligence trend helps business people to analyze data or rapidly make decisions.

Hopefully, this blog will help you know the latest business intelligence trends.

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