Staying Fit In Middle Age

Top Tips For Staying Fit In Middle Age

For most men, as we approach middle age, we notice that our bodies are not what they used to be. The days of playing sports with friends tend to become a distant memory as we focus on our family life and raising children whilst balancing our busy working schedules. It can be harder to find the free time to exercise or simply just to relax. As a result of this, we may start to experience common health complaints such as back pain or other medical conditions because of our increasingly busy but sedentary lifestyles. Psychological problems such as stress or depression can also be common in this age group as the worries of life and work pressures can get on top of us if we do not take effective action to combat them. In this article, some top tips to deal with common physical and mental ailments will be discussed that will help to ensure improved levels of general fitness in middle age.

Talk About Problems

It is a characteristic of a considerable proportion of the male population that problems tend to be brooded upon in silence without discussing them with our loved ones. This can be disastrous for men’s psychological well-being as these problems and worries can lead to depression and stress. In the UK alone, 12.5% of men suffer from some common form of mental ill health. As a direct result, they are three times more likely than women to develop alcohol problems as a coping mechanism. Put simply, middle-aged men need to seek help and discuss their problems more fully so that effective treatments can be provided. As an example, 50% of men over forty will experience some form of erectile dysfunction. This is generally the result of stress, fatigue, or general worry. By not seeking to find solutions to these problems, the effects persist and further compound stress levels. Thankfully, effective treatments for erectile dysfunction can be found in chemists such as, who offer tablets that can relieve the symptoms and allow normal intimacy with partners to resume.

Take Regular Exercise

There are many benefits of taking regular exercise in middle age. Firstly, it is a wonderful way to relieve stress and let off steam after a hard day’s work. It can also improve muscle and bone density which ensures that we are still mobile in later life and can keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels regulated. As we enter middle age it can be a vital activity to keep us fit, healthy, and able to cope with the pressures of life in general. Ensure that you take the time to undertake regular exercise at least three times a week and you will be promoting a healthy mind and healthy body that will be of great benefit in daily life.

Cut Down On Caffeine

It can be all too convenient to reach for another cup of coffee when we are feeling fatigued or need to improve focus during our working days. Coffee, as with most things in life, can be of benefit in moderation. However, drinking many cups over a day will lead to peaks and troughs of energy levels and can make it harder to sleep in the evening if our caffeine levels are too high. Instead of drinking another cup of tea or coffee, consider going for a brisk ten-minute walk. You will feel much more refreshed and energized as a result.

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