Ways To Avoid A Relapse

Ways To Avoid A Relapse

When a person relapses, it is often claimed that the act of taking the drug or drinking the alcohol is the final demonstration of the collapse in their rehabilitation process. People lose sight of — and cease practicing — the beneficial ways of being and interacting that have taken the place of drug use.

The medication or drink is left to fill the void and alleviate the discomfort. For example, one can cease attending meetings and seeing other people, leading to feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.

The next thing they know, they’re looking for a fix. Alternatively, people may abandon their exercise program and, as a result, cease sleeping well, causing their anxiety symptoms to resurface. They’ll soon become miserable, toss inhibitions aside, and grab some whiskey.

The more stressed you are, the more crucial it is to maintain healthy behaviors. To deal with difficult situations (which are unavoidable in life), you must recommit to your wholesome routines.

These behaviors become increasingly crucial — even lifesaving — as the times grow more stressful, as you’ll learn at places such as https://www.ascendantny.com/. It’s crucial to check in with yourself daily, to be honest with yourself if you’re falling off course, and to have strategies for getting back on track.

Some Things That Will Help You Stay On Track With Your Rehab

Always Remember To Be Thankful

We were required to make a daily gratitude list in recovery. While I’m too lazy to write it down these days, I compose a mental checklist every morning to remind myself that there are many reasons to remain positive.

Exercise Regularly

Even a little walk many times a day is beneficial. Exercise helps to reduce stress, improve sleep, and improve mood.

Pay Close Attention To Your Requirements

HALT, which stands for “hungry, angry, lonely, tired,” is an acronym for things that cause relapse, which you’ll learn at https://www.ascendantny.com/. Keep track of these things, so you don’t become so depressed that you make rash decisions.

Use Your Mantra 

When you’re feeling depressed, repeat a mantra to yourself to get a boost. A typical recovery mantra is “progress, not perfection,” which means you’re trying your best to move in the correct direction while still acknowledging that no one is perfect.

Seek Assistance

There is no shame in this. Consider a buddy of yours, any friend of yours. Imagine they’re lonely, hurting, and on the verge of committing suicide by drinking themselves to death. Wouldn’t it be nice if they called you and asked for assistance? You would, of course! That’s how any of your friends or family members would feel if they were in the same situation as you.

Volunteer, Participate, & Assist Others

It’s much harder to focus on and wallow in your unhappiness when you’re helping others.

Take News Breaks

This is a difficult one since you have a responsibility to be informed citizens in these difficult times, but there are times when enough is enough.

When you’re driving home from a long day, it’s best to switch the radio station to something lively if the news or program you’re listening to is depressing. It is an excellent decision that will completely change the course of your day.

Most importantly, don’t punish yourself if you make a mistake – whether it’s with drugs, alcohol, your diet, your New Year’s resolve, or gambling. Self-compassion is what will get you through this challenging period.

Ask for assistance, and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You will assist others and yourself to get through these seemingly impossible times if you continue to focus on healthy habits, sustainable connections, and ways of functioning in the world.

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