Common Types Of Window Grilles

What Are The Common Types Of Window Grilles?

Listed below are some common window grilles, from modern to Victorian. You may also notice Prairie-style grilles and Valence-style grilles or some grille clips. You should be able to recognize the main differences between these styles when you see them. Then, you can choose the best one for your home. Hopefully, this article will help you decide. In the meantime, you can find inspiration for your own home.

Modern Styles

Modern styles of window grilles are more complicated than traditional ones, which is fine since the complexity of the design depends on your preferences and home design goals. A great example of a modern window grille is the aluminum-clad style, which combines the sleek sophistication of exterior aluminum with the restrained simplicity of interior wood. If you are looking for a more traditional style, you can also choose from wooden grilles.

Standard grids are another popular style. These grids are used on the whole window rather than just the top sash. The number of lines is specified, as is the height. They can be either vertical or horizontal. The height can be defined as well, depending on the size of the window. These window grilles add more visual interest than the older styles. Whether you choose the traditional or modern styles, they will add beauty to your home’s exterior.

Victorian Styles

The Victorian-style window grilles and valances are often adorned with a diamond pattern. Victorian homes are famous for their ornate detail and are often built in the style of a European country house. Victorian homes often have large windows with diamond-pattern grids at the top and plain window grilles on the lower panel. Victorian-style windows are often made of large glass panes and allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Geometric window grilles are an ideal choice for homes with a Victorian aesthetic. They can transform windows into elaborate works of art. Victorian-style window grilles preserve the history and look of this period and can be found in two distinct styles. Victorian-style window grilles are typically found in homes with double-hung windows. Victorian window grilles may be a great choice for older Victorian homes. However, Victorian window grilles can also be used in Tudor-style homes.

Valence-Style Grilles

The decorative design of valence-style window grilles can give your windows the appearance of multiple panes. These grilles have a grid pattern in the upper third of the window, and they may feature two to six panes of glass. Other styles include diamond-patterned grids, which are most common for accent windows. They may also feature a full-glass panel across the bottom. Most commonly, they are used with Victorian-style windows.

When choosing a valance, remember to measure the depth of your windows. If they are too shallow, they will look skimpy, while those too deep will obstruct light and interfere with the view. Aim for a depth that is between 16 to 19 inches, depending on the depth of your windows. You can also use the measurement of the height of the top portion of the valance to determine its depth.

Prairie-Style Grilles

If you’re considering window grilles for your home, you’ve probably seen a prairie-style design. These grilles divide a window into nine squares – one in each corner – while leaving a large open area for the view. They are the most common style of window grille and are often seen in homes that have traditional or Craftsman styles. The pattern of prairie grilles can be either horizontal or vertical and can add a stylized touch to double-hung windows.

There are many different styles of window grilles that can add a classic, modern, or elegant appearance to your home. The best choice depends on your tastes and the overall style of your home. You can look at similar homes for inspiration or visit an Andersen Home Style Library for ideas. Prairie window grilles can add a framed effect to your windows, while colonial grilles can add a traditional feel to your home. Whatever style your home has, there are window grilles for it.

Colonial Styles

In addition to their functional role, colonial styles of window grilles can add aesthetic appeal to a home. These window grilles divide the glass into squares, and they’re a traditional choice for homes in the South. The grids on colonial windows have six over six or nine over nine sashes. In addition to colonial window grilles, farmhouse-style window grilles can also be found in contemporary homes.

When comparing the colonial and prairie-style homes, it’s important to consider how much the style of windows will add to the overall appearance. Colonial grilles can make tall windows appear more expansive than they really are. They can also be used on kitchen cabinets. Prairie-style homes, meanwhile, have a simpler aesthetic, which is perfect for grilles that draw attention to the artful use of glass on casement windows. In addition, the style fits into the overall look of a prairie-style home, which has horizontal lines, a flat roof, and an open floor plan.

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