What Is Anxiety

What Is Anxiety? How Can We Overcome It?

So many of us today feel troubled and anxious. The deadlines, the rat race, the social pressure, the need to keep appearances, all contribute in overwhelming us. Consequently, anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent, yet many people are not aware of all that it entails.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an amalgamation of fear and constant state of worrying about the future. Anxious people also have panic attacks and remain in a perpetual state of worry.

While some people occasional have anxiety due to certain events like a big presentation, others have chronic anxiety that affects their health as well. Sleeping, eating, working, everything gets comprised as result.

There are also different categories of anxiety, like GAD –general anxiety disorder–, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder etc.  These conditions can be extremely debilitating, and it is thus imperative to visit the top psychiatrist in Lahore when experiencing anxiety.

How To Overcome Anxiety?

For certain cases, therapy and medication is the only route. But, there are other steps that can be done to help mitigate the symptoms of anxiety. Some of them include:

Self Help:

You are your best friend. Realize that you have to push yourself out of this gloom and set your mind right. Coach it so rather than fretting the future and getting anxious over it, you control the present to reorient the future design.

Moreover, realizing your present is also a helpful tool. Ask your mind whether you are in any immediate danger, is the place you are in safe etc. It helps you concentrate on the ‘now’ and forego the worries of the future. It also aids in grounding you so that your mind is knows that there is no fight or flight situation, and the stress response has to go.

Take Control:

One of the most common sources of anxiety is uncertainty about the future. Will I retain my job? Will I get good grades? Do I have enough money?

The best way to overcome these anxiety thoughts is by dealing with the source. Take charge of your life and work towards your goals. Set yourself a target and achieve it.

Get more proficient at your work, visit tutors if you are struggling with studies, consult a financial adviser if money is problem. These steps will help curb the sense of foreboding.

Break Down Your Tasks:

We get anxious when we get overwhelmed with work, but we also get anxious when there is nothing much to do.

The easy solution to both these problems is by making to-do lists etc. These help to break down tasks into more manageable portions. They also prevent the anxiety that comes from listlessness.

Breathing Exercises:

Your breathing is one of the responses that gets effected when your body perceives itself to be in danger. The palpitations and the racing heart can then be regulated by breathing exercises.

One effective way is to take deep breaths in and out, holding each time. Moreover, concentrate on your breathing. It helps to break the chain of anxious thoughts as well.


Stress and anxiety increase the secretion of the bad hormone. Exercise, on the other hand, leads to the production of endorphins that combat the high stress levels and also promote the feeling of wellness and happiness in the body.

Watch Your Diet:

What we eat has profound impact on our mental health. Therefore, be mindful about what you eat. Too much caffeine can give you anxiety and jitters. Too much sugar also causes BSL (blood sugar level) to crash and thus lead to anxiety.

Focus on eating healthy diet full of natural fruits and vegetables to give your physical health a boost as well.

Hang Out With Friends & Family:

Good company is a balm for the anxious soul. When you are around people who love you, you already feel sense of security. Socialization with family and friends also helps to distract the mind.

Moreover, such positive company also helps to heal your wounded soul.


In the hectic lives we live, we seldom get time to relax. When mind is not given its due break, its more vulnerable to fraught and fatigue. Therefore, dedicate some ‘me time’ whereby you simply relax.

Make the most out of this break times by doing activities that give you joy and uplift your mood. Some people get into the Zen zone by reading books, others like a stroll through the nature.

Best perhaps is something that makes you laugh. There is a reason why laughter is the best medicine is a common proverb.

Yoga & Meditation:

Yoga caters to not just physical health, but it is also great for the mental health as well. It helps in the regulation of breathing, trains the mind and gives you better control over anxiety.

Similarly, meditation involves hitting the deep state of meditation. It thus leads to better focus, decreased stress levels, and helps you gain perspective that keeps the feeling of failure at bay.

Identify Your Triggers:

When you know what is causing your body into going in bouts of anxiety, you can deal with these triggers better. Educating your body about how to react to them can be immensely helpful. In this endeavor, it is important to consult the top psychiatrist in Karachi who can help you in dealing with all such situations and prescribe medication, if need be.

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