Know About Cannabis Concentrate

What To Know About Cannabis Concentrate

With marijuana becoming more widely consumed, people are trying more interesting and creative ways to consume it. One of these ways lies in cannabis concentrate. If you are not familiar with cannabis concentrate, you might have a lot of questions related to it. Consider the following things to know about cannabis concentrate.

They Have Higher Levels Of THC

Since concentrates are designed to have higher levels of the product that they are made from, it is natural that marijuana concentrates have higher levels of THC. However, it is important to know how much higher the levels are in concentrated form compared to regular marijuana. Whereas normal marijuana has about 20% THC, marijuana concentrate can have anywhere between 40 and 80% THC. This means that a little goes a long way, so you have to be careful. If you want to use your own concentrate packaging, make sure it is labeled accordingly with any necessary labels and serving information.

Not All Of Them Are For Beginners

While cannabis concentrates are more popular due to their potency, it takes a decent amount of knowledge of the product to use it safely, so most concentrates should not be consumed by beginners. However, there are several concentrate forms that beginners can try without having much to worry about. One such form is known as shatter, which looks like shards of amber-colored glass and is usually consumed by dabbing or vaping. Shatter is one of the easiest forms of concentrate to find, but beginners should still be careful, as it usually has 80% THC.

They Are Very Versatile

Concentrates give people the ability to put marijuana or marijuana ingredients into a variety of different things. A couple of the most popular products to put concentrate in are edibles and topical lotions or creams. Edibles are consumable items, usually in the form of baked goods or gummies, that contain marijuana or pure THC. Edibles are usually consumed for recreational purposes. Topical lotions, creams or even ointments that contain cannabis concentrates are more widely used to treat things like chronic pain. If you just want to have pure concentrate on hand, that is also an option.

Higher Doses Are Not Recommended

Like any other drug with a high concentration of the chemical responsible for the high, cannabis concentrates can be incredibly addictive. Because there are no chemicals burned off when the concentrates are inhaled, the result is an almost immediate high, and due to the increased THC levels, it is really easy to get too high of a dose while you are using cannabis concentrate. Not only are higher doses addictive, but they have also been found to produce more instances of feelings like anxiety and paranoia. If you are using cannabis concentrate to feel calmer, higher doses will more likely produce the opposite of your desired effect.

Cannabis concentrates have a lot of potential, but like every other potentially addictive substance, they must be used wisely. Keep these facts in mind as you look into concentrates and explore your options when it comes to marijuana consumption.

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