Why The KIA Forget Is Good For College Students

The Kia Forte is a cute little sporty model that a college student might adore. These are some of the reasons this particular model is good for college students:

Excellent Gas Mileage

One feature you’ll love about the Kia Forte is that it’s great on gas. That makes it the perfect car for trips back and forth to school. The model can get up to 31 miles in the city and 41 miles on the highway. That makes it one of the best-performing vehicles in the industry.

Powerful Motor 

The Forte is also affordable. Thus, its retail price of $17,000 makes it a perfect budget car for someone just starting in college. A young college student would likely get a finance deal that includes an affordable monthly payment. It’s something for such a student to consider.

Vibrant Colors

The Forte also has a young and sporty look to it. Even the color choices are exterior colors that would most likely appeal to a younger crowd. Some of the options for exterior colors include choices such as Currant Red, Gravity Gray, and Clear White. These colors will be great for impressing friends and feeling confident behind the wheel. There are many other amazing features Forte offers the world. If you’re interested, you can contact a Kia dealer Santa Ana provider and schedule a visit to talk about the benefits the vehicle offers.

Now you know why the Kia Forte is such a special vehicle for college students. You can consider purchasing one for yourself. The first step is contacting a car dealership to make an appointment for yourself with one of the salespeople there. They will work together with the finance team to ensure that you get the vehicle of your dreams. All you have to do is make the appointment to get started.

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