Fall Maintenance Checklist

Your Fall Maintenance Checklist Based On Where You Live: Get The House Ready To Sell In Today’s Market

No matter where you live, it’s a good idea to pair some fall maintenance with any efforts to sell your home. It’s easy to get the jitters about selling in a housing market like this one, but knowing your home’s current condition very well and making sure things are in working order is a great way to relieve the stress of selling and maybe even make your home a bit more valuable as a result.

Cold Climates: Focus On HVAC Maintenance & Insulation

The colder your area is, the more important it is that the furnace not be on its last legs. You hopefully already have a technician assess your HVAC each year, but if you don’t, now is the time. Keeping air filters changed on the correct schedule and making any necessary repairs can help the house show better.

This is also a great time to check for drafts, especially if potential buyers could have showings on cold days. Feel along the windows and doors and replace weatherstripping as needed. These small improvements have a big impact. If you know that the insulation in your walls or attic need to be replaced or improved, get a professional to assess what should be done and make it happen before those buyers start evaluating the home.

Temperate Climates: Leaves, Roofs, & Windows

If you have trees in or near your yard, this is the time of year to step up your leaf-removal game in order to keep good curb appeal for the buyers. You also can consider getting a roofer to evaluate the age and condition of the roof. If it is older, they can suggest any helpful repairs that will make the inspection go more smoothly. If it’s younger, a young roof is often a selling point for buyers. Finally, check your windows – anything from a painted-shut window to a sticky latch can make a home seem less well maintained, and these are easy to fix before the buyers arrive.

Warm Climates: Dehumidifying, Gutters, & Pool/Hot Tub Maintenance

In many warm climates where you run the air conditioner all year long, the fight is with mold and mildew because of constant moisture. If you can, invest in a good dehumidifier and do some aggressive mold/mildew removal so that your home is ready for buyers to consider. If you have a lot of rain, you’ll also want to inspect and repair gutters so that your buyers know that water isn’t backing up and seeping into the house at any point. Finally, if you need to winterize a pool or hot tub, get those in the best possible condition so they are a selling point not a downside of the home. 

No matter where you live, a real estate agent can help you pinpoint which parts of your home could use some sprucing or repair. They will balance the need to keep things affordable with the benefits you’re likely to get when you go to sell. That way, you’re investing in a higher selling price, ideally. 

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