How Airport Parking Works In Philadelphia

How Airport Parking Works In Philadelphia

The primary function of an airport is to act as a transfer point between the sky and the ground. Recent security issues and economic trends have continually challenged the business model, and airports now offer restaurants, shops, and services that help them diversify their revenue streams. According to Federal Aviation Authority, security, usage, and evolving technology have enabled Philadelphia airport parking lots to adapt to new passenger movement patterns.

Below is a list of the main types of Philadelphia airport parking.

Drop Off & Pick Up Zones

The space may be used by private cars, shuttles, valets, ride-sharing vehicles, and taxis. The front terminal is served by transit at some airports. Drivers in the drop-off zones experience less dwell time than those in pick-up zones. Private vehicles, taxis, and shuttles only need adequate time to unload the luggage and leave the terminal.

Pick-up zones are structured to minimize conflict among road users. Zones for all ground transportation must be carefully managed through careful planning and traffic monitoring. Speed humps, layers of islands, well-marked crosswalks, and wayfinding signs create the wished-for traffic flow. The entrance and exit zones to the airport are planned securely with solid structural bollards to allow easy cart and pedestrian access and stop vehicles from crashing into the buildings.

Short Term Parking

The parking is usually offered in a multi-level parking garage traditionally located near the terminal. It is the best choice for drivers escorting those dropping off or picking up those coming from the airport to meet other parties on arrival.

Airports may consider making short-term parking fees more affordable. Services, shops, and restaurants accessible to the public enable individuals who arrive early to pick a gift, have a meal, and use an airport service.

On-Site Long Term Parking

Remote parking enables travelers to leave their cars at the airport until they return. Most business travelers prefer these lots, and shuttles take passengers to the airport entrance from the long-term lot. Long-term parking lots offer services such as detailing, car washing, and oil change for clients’ vehicles. Philadelphia airport parking rates are discounted for regular users and those who book early.

Off-Site Long Term Parking

The type of parking is mainly located near Philadelphia airports and is run by organizations not affiliated with the airport. The fees charged may be higher than on-site parking, and large off-site companies offer discounts to their members. Off-site parking was developed to cater to non-business travelers. However, companies have ventured to the business traveler by providing concierge services and shuttles to move people to and fro the airport.

Cell Phone Waiting Lots

The cell phone waiting lot is one of the modern innovations in Philadelphia airport. Such lots help shorten vehicle dwell time, especially in clients’ pick-up zones. Vehicles picking up passengers usually wait at a distance from the airport until the passenger has disembarked and picked up luggage. The traveler will then call or text the driver once ready for pick up.

Car Rental Parking

Philadelphia airports sometimes work with car rental companies to provide travelers with rental options. These can be booked or pre-booked at the airport terminal. Airplane usage and ground change have continually changed the airport parking lots. Travel sites, online booking, and booking apps enable travelers to book the services in due time.

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