Home Office In A Small Space

How To Create A Stylish Home Office In A Small Space

With the ever-growing numbers of people who are in the white color jobs, against the very limited space in towns and cities where most people would prefer to get an office,  there is a need to put up offices in homes. Also in this pandemic season, working from home has become a part of the new normal. Remote working has greatly helped in decongesting offices and minimizing the need for the daily commute.

Why is it best for you to create a home office? For a variety of reasons which include:

  1. It will save you money, especially if you are used to renting office space.
  2. It saves you time: Time which would otherwise be spent commuting to work can be used to do meaningful work.
  3. Working from home has, in most cases, no limits on the working hours. You can work anytime as long as you get it done.
  4. There is no image to maintain- it is still okay for you to work in your pajamas. You don’t have to be in your office wear.

Unless you have plenty of room in your home, your home office will most likely be in a small, probably squeezed space. This, however, doesn’t mean the office has to look dull and disorganized. Our team of architects and designers have a number of valuable tips to share that will not only enliven your home office but also maximize its space. They will help you create a stylish home office in a small space.

Perfect Choice Of Location

Pick a point in your home which is most suitable for you to be able to decorate and give it a personal touch. For instance, in a corner where you would be able to decorate with your favorite indoor plants and use grow lights to give them some light for their growth.

More often than not, space is not missing however you don’t know what to do with it, or you simply put furniture in the wrong place. Lucky for you, there are professional people in the field, such as architects who might help you with it. They will find the perfect choice for you and make the most of it.

Use Stylish Room Divider Curtains

Get your favorite colors of very elegant curtains to separate the small office area from a larger room. It could be your living room or the master bedroom. Curtains are most convenient as they are easily washable.

Put on your designer hat and add colors to your boring white home office. Not only will it be pleasing to the eye, but it will also increase your work motivation.

Creativity On Storage Materials

A sure way of maintaining coziness in the office is maintaining neatness. Avoid keeping your office stationery anywhere. You can get a designer rack, or a beautifully painted drawer to keep your notebook, calculator, pencils, etc. The organization is paramount when you are mindful of the space.

Utilize The Vertical Space Perfectly

You can style your shelves to suit your taste like the color to paint, innovate a pattern to organize the file, you can also hang a couple of your preferred flowers just to make it look beautiful. The good thing with shelves is that you can have them placed on top of your desk.

Be keen On The Choice Of Furniture

Consider getting a small-sized office table and chairs. They can be designed as per your preference, paint your favorite colors. Since most files can be stored digitally, you can opt not to get a cabinet that way you save on space. You can also consider getting a chair with a table attached. Just enough space you place your laptop.

Manage The Cables

Cables can make your office so congested and untidy. To manage them, you can mount the main power strip to the wall, or keep it on top of the desk. There are different shaped, very stylish cord organizers that are readily available.

Have Access To Natural Light

Natural light is essential to human beings because it helps avert many health problems by boosting immunity, it reduces stress and anxiety,  prevents headaches, and prevents high blood pressure. Place your desk strategically near a window or the door where you can access light from outside.

Give It A Personal Touch

It is important to make your office feel and look like your own. For example, you can hang your family’s photo, your own choice of art like crafted animals, or get the space painted in your best colors, furniture as per your taste, or classy calendar. This all for your happiness and keeping motivated while at work.


Your home office is still your workplace where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it is a place you need to put a lot of effort to keep cozy and pleasant for your liking and comfort. With these simple ideas, make a step forward to ensure your office space reflects your style and taste and it is your favorite place to be. Working from home must not be uninteresting!

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