Fast-Food Trends That Have Had A Health Makeover

The Fast-Food Trends That Have Had A Health Makeover

The fast-food industry is not what it used to be, and just as societies have moved on in terms of healthier living and more sustainable choices, it is these same changes that have been seen across the fast-food industry. It is the fast-food franchises and businesses that aren’t thinking of making these changes in a more determined and sustained fashion that will struggle to remain profitable.

Burgers Are Healthier & Probably Taste Better For It

They need to be real meat, the seller needs to know where the beef came from, and the percentage of real meat that the burger has in it must be listed. Then, there also needs to be a vegan and vegetarian version. It’s what the customer demands and many say that the burger places that are making these changes have better tasting patties, and hence, more customers. The buns may be toasted or not, brioche or just plain white, but there has been a marked increase in the amount of lettuce or salad on your burger than ever before, rather than the obligatory one leaf of lettuce. The burger has seen changes, and even if it’s made at home, it’s likely to be a whole lot healthier than ever before. The fast food of choice for many may now actually be a good option.

Pizza: Keep It Thin & Watch Your Toppings

There are still those who need to have a deep dish, New York style pizza, but overall, doing as they do in Italy has made a comeback – simple, tricolored, with great tomato sauce, fresh rocket or basil, and only the best soft mozzarella. The base is thin and toasty and even those being made at home have now come on in leaps and bounds. Having the right oven and knowing how to make the perfect pizza is now a reality for many, and this means that the choice of cheese, meat products used, and the dough itself can all be controlled and chosen for their health benefits.

Fries Are Changing Too

Air fried, thin chips, sweet potato chips, loaded or unloaded – the humble chip as an accompaniment to fast food hasn’t changed that much, although the variety has increased. The biggest change in the humble fry has simply been how many of them are provided with the meal and the demand for fries from the customer has reached an all-time low. The portion size has shrunk in most fast-food joints over time and the current regular serving of fries is now one of the smallest it has ever been. Lastly, you can also now get crudites instead of chips and enjoy carrot sticks instead of fried potatoes.

The fast-food sector has undergone a healthy revolution and who better to be at the forefront of changing how we approach food and what we expect from our fast-food choices than them? We now have better choices and more variety and can make more of it at home than ever before, and, as such, fast food may not be an unhealthy option.

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