Installing LED Light Fixtures In Your Home

Maximizing Energy Efficiency: Installing LED Light Fixtures In Your Home

Lighting can be the most significant contributor to an energy bill, so maximizing efficiency saves money and reduces emissions. Integrated LED fixtures are the smart choice for saving on your electricity costs. LEDs produce more light for less wattage than other bulb types. However, other factors affect lumen output. Keep these four factors in mind when shopping for a new fixture.

No Wasted Light

LED light fixtures produce minimal heat, unlike traditional bulbs, which waste a significant amount of their energy putting out heat. It means less of your electricity is used to create light, and fewer dollars are wasted. Using less power to generate light also makes LEDs safer. Traditional bulbs can get extremely hot, and children’s fingers and noses risk getting burned if they touch them. LED lights, however, produce very little heat and can be safely handled. Whether replacing a single fixture or overhauling your entire lighting system, ENERGY STAR-certified LED light fixtures are an efficient, long-lasting option that will save you money and qualify you for utility rebates. Call a professional for a light fixture installation Aurora CO, for more information and to discuss your options.

Low Energy Consumption

LED light fixtures use a fraction of the electricity that traditional lights do. They also emit far less heat, making them environmentally friendly. The lower energy usage means your monthly electricity bills will be significantly less than a traditional fixture and lamp combination. The savings will add up over time. LED bulbs are available in various lumen ratings to meet your lighting needs. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. Furthermore, you can select between warm and cool white color temperatures to fit your preferred mood.

Long Lifespan

Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs don’t waste energy on turning heat into light. Instead, they use 99% of their power to produce visible light. Many LEDs also have a long lifespan when properly installed and used. Compared to fluorescent, metal halide, or sodium vapor lights, they last up to 40 times longer. In addition to saving on energy costs, this long lifespan enables you to get more from the same fixture. For example, you can install fewer LED fixtures and meet building codes that limit maximum fixture wattage ratings or controls.


Dimmable LED light fixtures are a popular choice that can be used for home, office, and commercial spaces. They offer flexibility regarding lighting needs and preferences, contributing to energy savings and lowering electricity bills. Energy-efficient LED lights are known for using even less energy when dimmed than fully bright. This results in substantial energy savings, positively impacting the environment and lowering electricity bills. LED drivers can use either analog or PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming methods. Analog dimming uses a fixed voltage to control how long the bulb is on, whereas PWM dimming sends pulsing signals at different frequencies. It allows the brightness of an LED to be adjusted smoothly, reducing problems like strobing and flashing.

Low Heat

LEDs are more efficient than fluorescent, HID, or incandescent bulbs, which produce much heat. They also don’t contain mercury. It makes them an excellent option for replacing older bulbs that require more energy to work. LED fixtures can be used instead of other light bulbs to lower lighting costs. To choose the best fixture for your home, compare lumens (the amount of light produced by a bulb) to zonal lumens, which consider factory-installed reflectors, ballasts, and filters. LEDs don’t need time to warm up like other bulbs, so they can be switched on and off whenever needed. They also don’t generate much heat, so they reduce cooling costs. Additionally, they don’t contain mercury, so if an LED breaks, you don’t have to worry about a difficult and dangerous cleanup.

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